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How to Utilize Metaverse Development to Reap Riches in the Web3 Space?

The world of science fiction has always been amusing people with innovative concepts from authors across the globe from time to time. Some of those have even become true, astonishing people as a result. Every element of the Web3 space might have been inspired by such futuristic stories, which continue to evolve as we transition from the centralized Web2 era to the decentralized Web3 era. Like the saying “All Roads Lead to Rome,” it looks like every development in the Web3 space leads to metaverse development, which we will see in detail as we progress further.

Metaverses — Are These The Virtual Utopian Worlds?

By definition, metaverses are virtual worlds where people can socialize with each other as digital avatars and essentially lead digital lives in the final form. While calling them Utopian worlds might not be a crime, we still are in the development phase, making one think of the real implications the technology could have as more people take up these worlds. For now, metaverse development solutions focus on building virtual-worldly platforms based on other facets of Web3, such as blockchains, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR).

How Do Blockchains Fit in Metaverses?

Most metaverses today have been part of the broader blockchain world as these platforms are based on such distributed digital ledgers. Cryptocurrencies, for instance, tend to form an integral part of blockchain-based metaverse applications as they serve as in-world currencies. People can purchase virtual assets (which are registered as non-fungible tokens) such as apparel, property, and equipment using cryptocurrencies. Web3 calls for full decentralization, and utilizing cryptocurrencies will only justify the cause. Crypto tokens can also be beneficial for exhibiting proof of ownership, collectibility, governance, interoperability, and transfer of value within the metaverse application.

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Why is the Hype Around These Worlds Too High?

Building metaverse platforms will transform the way we go about our routine online life, if not in the real world, in many means. Some changes possible in the immediate future that could become basic metaverse activities in the future could be:

1. Purchasing clothing and accessories for virtual avatars

2. Acquiring virtual property and building virtual buildings (homes, business complexes)

3. Taking part in virtual social events

4. Shopping in virtual malls through immersive commerce

5. Immersive learning through virtual classrooms.

6. Purchasing digital artwork, memorabilia, and assets in the form of NFTs

7. Interacting with digital humans for sales, customer support, and other commercial activities, as well as onboarding new staff for firms.

Business Opportunities Present in These Virtual Worlds

With such activities possible in the near future, the business opportunity around metaverse app development revolves around points given in the above topic.

The below points provide insights on the commercial scope that developing a metaverse platform could give:

  •  A more immersive educational experience can be provided for fields such as education, medical, military, and other trades. The metaverse will supply the necessary framework, so they won’t need to build their own.
  • Since virtual events have become more popular over the past two years, they can offer more comprehensive options.
  •  An interactive shopping experience that supports more sophisticated products can help retail firms expand their market.
  • Through digitally augmented workspaces, businesses may improve employee engagement, collaboration, and connection.
  • The metaverse, where users may communicate through three-dimensional avatars, could be the new home for social networking activities.

Current Trends Prevalent in Metaverses

Metaverse app development has gained momentum post the NFT boom of 2021 as many firms have attempted to set feet early in the space. Metaverse NFT marketplaces are common across today’s virtual worlds, where people can buy NFT assets that can be used inside metaverse worlds. A few gaming firms are also developing metaverse virtual worlds for their games, with their own ecosystem and communities.

Brands such as Meta (Formerly Facebook) and Microsoft have been big players in metaverse development. In contrast, other tech giants have started taking baby steps towards realizing their versions of the virtual realm. VR headsets have become cheaper than before as new players get in, making metaverse development a level field. Many AR devices are under development in academic labs across the globe.

Talking About Meta, Would Tomorrow’s Social Media Thrive on Metaverses?

Even though it is too soon for a concrete answer, according to what has been projected and the progress so far, the future of social media could lie in the metaverse. Such applications could provide users with immersive experiences as they tend to use virtual avatars and 3D feeds. Messaging will be replaced by avatar-based communication that could inch a step closer to humans living digital lives similar to science fiction examples.

What Can One Do in the Metaverse World?

  • One can build meaningful connections through immersive social networking on metaverses. These worlds facilitate effective communication through avatars as it makes interactions as real as possible.
  • People looking to make money in Web3 can invest resources to build a metaverse platform based on their preferences in an existing metaverse or a standalone world, based on the resources in hand. NFT marketplaces, games, and brand stores are currently popular.
  • Metaverse-based virtual event solutions are becoming popular business models lately as more performing artists tend to utilize these worlds to reach global audiences amidst prolonged lockdowns enforced as a result of the worldwide pandemic.
  •  Metaverse NFT marketplaces also provide the opportunity for people to shop using cryptocurrencies, enabling a thriving economic system as a result. These platforms can sell almost anything taking the digital form, including apparel, equipment, and even real estate.

Major Hurdles That Metaverse Development Could Face

Current-gen metaverse development focuses on creating platforms that can be worlds to multiple applications. While such worlds can benefit people, the issue of interoperability between metaverses should be solved, which could prove impractical for corporations aiming to earn profits. Additionally, the security and privacy of user data need to be guarded well, as the crypto world has already faced scams that have amounted to millions of dollars. Mental health issues might become prevalent as the vision of metaverses tends to give immersive experiences that can be addictive and adversely impact people by causing disorientation from real-world obligations.

Who will Gain Through Metaverse App Development?

Corporations running metaverse development solutions in entertainment, gaming, education, and commerce can yield profits through business. Workers who work remotely can reap real-world-like benefits of being in an office environment that include socializing, improving people skills, and other soft skills.

Benefits Offered by Metaverse Development Solutions

✰ Firstly, metaverse development solutions for professional spaces can cover challenges faced by remote-working companies to enable optimum productivity levels.

✰ Developing a virtual world for healthcare applications greatly benefits medical professionals as such a platform can help them improve telemedicine and education.

✰ Metaverse gaming applications that are extremely immersive can benefit gamers by offering experiences never-seen-before and rewarding them through the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism.

✰ Another novel benefit of digital tours based on metaverses can prove advantageous to people who love exploring new destinations but could not travel due to multiple reasons.

What Does the Future HODL for Metaverses?

As we have witnessed a huge growth in metaverses in recent times, the future looks promising, with many tech corporations pouring in billions of dollars as investments to realize their dream virtual worlds. New use cases roll out almost every day, and research is underway to find paths to creating metaverses that could be closer to the vision of Utopia.

Shedding Final Insights

Therefore, we can say that metaverse development will be instrumental in making Web3 a household name, and all it needs is another crypto boom, which is expected to be around the corner. Suppose you want to utilize the golden opportunity of being early in the movement. In that case, it is ideal to develop a metaverse virtual world application based on a business model of your preference. There are some firms that can assist you in building a metaverse platform by fulfilling all your business demands at economical costs.


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