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Tamas Kadar

Stopping fraud on crypto, FOREX and online trading platforms

The world of cryptocurrency, forex and online stock trading moves so quickly that by the time anything can be written about it the opposite will most likely be true. At time of writing, the price of c...

15 Jun 2021
Greg Nilson

For the first time in the world, Bitcoin has become the official currency

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America by area, it is washed over by the Pacific Ocean and often called the land of lakes and volcanoes. An otherwise unremarkable nation went down in h...

09 Jun 2021
Adriana P

Crypto regulation : whether you fear it or embrace it, crypto is bound to stay

Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto, regulations, governments, bans, unworthy, revolutionary, so many news articles on the topics, none with any real worldwide summary. Each country reacts differently to bitc...

31 May 2021
David Feltes

‘Britcoin’ offers exciting opportunities to modernise UK currency

This blog was co-authored by David Feltes, Managing Principal, Mark Profeti, Principal Consultant and Edward Pease, Consultant at Capco Crypto assets continue to dominate the conversation about the f...

26 May 2021
Joris Lochy

CBDC - The new kid on the block

A very hot topic at the moment are the so-called CBDCs, short for "Central Bank Digital Currencies". These are the recent reply of central banks to the continuing success of crypto-currencie...

26 May 2021
Adrian Pollard

How Mining Bitcoin will Change the Energy Sector

Despite bitcoin existing only within the digital world, a gigantic physical operation called 'mining' is happening behind the scenes. How mining works is explained extensively here but simply put, m

21 May 2021
Todd Latham

Bursting the Britcoin bubble: why consumers won’t bother with a UK CBDC

Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced that Bank of England and Treasury officials would set up a new task force to review the potential benefits of a UK Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – a s...

20 May 2021
Greg Nilson

What to expect after Bitcoin price stops nosediving

At one point on Wednesday, May 19, Bitcoin plunged 30% to near the $30,000 mark (a new low since February) before climbing back 8%. Altcoins suffered even bigger losses. Ethereum price crashed 46% on ...

20 May 2021
Nischal Shetty

5 Ways to Smartly Invest in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has gained significant traction in recent years and has caused quite an excitement, especially in the investment sector. In the first week of 2021, the price of Bitcoin managed to hit

19 May 2021
Simon Farmilo

Artificial Intelligence: Bitcoin’s Greatest Threat?

In September 2020, security developers working closely with Bitcoin made an uncomfortable and public revelation. A couple of years prior in 2018, a bug within Bitcoin’s blockchain was found. If disco

19 May 2021