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Alex Axelrod

COVID-19 Outbreak and Crypto Market

The futuristic utopia that technological progress promises is coming ever closer at an astonishing pace, yet unseen challenges, have surfaced during the COVID-19 virus outbreak. The pandemic has manag...

08 Apr 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Why does cryptocurrency need more exchange platforms?

These are confusing times for everyone both mentally and financially. While the stock market is crashing and governments are spending trillions trying to salvage the situation caused by the coronavir...

27 Mar 2020
Thomas Winter

Cryptocurrency firms: Do you have your house in order?

It’s no surprise that the 5th Money Laundering Directive tightened up on the cryptocurrency sector in the EU, finally catching up with the US. There has been a void in regulations in this sector which...

09 Mar 2020
Sheza Gary

Hedging Against Downside Risk with BTC

Many analysts are of the opinion that there is merit in using Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe-haven contrarian investment for hedging purposes. A caveat is in order: "Volatility plays a major role and th...

26 Feb 2020
Konstantin Rabin

Could crypto algo trading benefit from regulations?

Cryptocurrency has completely changed the way people approach currency trading and market regulations in general. While the concept is still relatively new to some people it has become one of the most...

28 Jan 2020