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Rosemary Barnes

How Blockchain is Driving Financial Inclusion

Financial transactions could soon be as straightforward as sending a text, thanks to the transformative power of blockchain technology. Both industry insiders and regulatory bodies are keenly explorin...

17 Oct 2023
Mousser Rahmouni

Understanding Crypto to Fiat Off-Ramp Integration for Apps

In the realm of cryptocurrency, the terms "fiat on-ramps" and "fiat off-ramps" are common. A fiat off-ramp refers to platforms like websites or apps that allow users to buy crypt...

16 Oct 2023
Angelina Smolko

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways: What Are They and How Do They Work?

In the dynamic landscape of the digital age, cryptocurrencies have emerged as more than just a speculative asset; they are rapidly becoming a vital method for businesses to accept payments globally. T...

29 Sep 2023
Benas Skridulis

What do you need to know about a Private Key, and what happens if you lose it?

In the crypto world, there are two types of keys: Private and Public. A public key is an address everyone can see and use for sending crypto assets to each other. A private key is like a password used...

16 Aug 2023
Bradley Duke

Cryptocurrencies – Not just a new Asset Class but the Democratisation of Banking

Living and working in a developed economy, it is easy to view crypto as simply a new and interesting alternative investment class – a useful way to diversify a portfolio or earn yield. Crypto is yet a...

03 Aug 2023
Paul Moukhin

What are inflationary and deflationary cryptocurrencies?

In the wide expanse of the digital financial universe, cryptocurrencies shine as pioneering assets, challenging the traditional framework of economics and ushering a shift in financial transactions. ...

03 Aug 2023
Mousser Rahmouni

How to Issue Branded VISA Crypto Cards with One Simple Set of APIs

If you're interested in offering your users a more convenient way of managing their crypto assets, consider utilizing a card-issuing platform from a reliable provider that offers seamless and secure s...

01 Aug 2023
Mete Feridun

Insights from ESMA's first Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation consultation (1st package)

With the Consultation Paper on Technical Standards for the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA), the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) aims to collect views, comments, and opinion...

14 Jul 2023
Arijit Goswami

CBDCs and Insurance - A Transformative Interplay

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a digital form of central bank money that is issued by a country's central bank and backed by the government. It is an innovative digital payment system that is...

02 Jun 2023
Nathaniel Ogunniyi

Crypto Chronicles: The Consultant's View

A few weeks ago, the Treasury's consultation into the Regulatory Regime for Cryptoassets closed. First published back in February, the consultation asks for views on the Government’s intended regulati...

30 May 2023

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