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Best Play To Earn NFT Games To Invest In 2022

When was the first time you tried playing a game? Did you win? Did your team win? Don't we all have many memories attached to the games that we have played over the years? For many gamers, gaming is something that expands beyond the screen and the console. Gamers have rejoiced in the wins and losses equally. To be precise, gamers have an inexplicable camaraderie. Gamers have had an active role in promoting a game, by exploring and engaging with it consistently. While some play one game for a long time, others like trying out different games at the same time. Few gamers will want an experience that is more immersive and intriguing. Some fans turn to games with specific themes. There are themes specific to sports, fantasy, etc. In this blog, let's look at some of the best play-to-earn games of 2022. 

A shift in the gaming model

 While the whole styles and modes of gaming have changed over the years, there's one thing that has not changed. It is the support and spirit of the gamers. Being one of the industries that majorly thrives on the community, it is very important that the developers make sure that they provide a wholesome environment for the gamers to play. 

At this juncture, the traditional models of gaming might seem more comforting as gamers have engaged with a conventional model so far. But it is always better for gamers to be open-minded and flexible to try out new modes of gaming  and adapt to recent changes.  

The entry of NFTs into the gaming 

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are tokens that we use to represent the ownership of a unique asset. Anything ranging from audio and video clips to digital artwork can be made into an NFT. Now, what did these NFTs do to gaming? 

The introduction of NFTs into Gaming has given rise to a new model of gaming called the play-to-earn games (P2E). In an NFT game, the in-game assets, reward won, and even the space in which the game is set can be made into an NFT by tokenizing. In a traditional gaming setup, all the assets that the gamer purchased during the game will become obsolete once the game ends. But whereas, with NFTs entering the picture, this loophole is completely eliminated. Since the assets in the NFT games are tokenized, the gamer has true ownership over his asset. Apart from that, he/she also has the privilege of getting royalties each time the asset is re-sold. Gamers can even rent the asset to other players to level up in the game. This way, the gamers can make a passive income through gaming.

Let's take a look at some of the best P2E games to invest in 2022. 

1.Meta cricket league

The Meta Cricket League ( MCL) is the world's first play-to-earn Metaverse NFT cricket game. The user should have cricket player NFT to be part of the game. Players can buy the NFTs from the NFT Marketplace.The immersive graphics and addictive gameplay has impressed many gamers. The MCL game is a great opportunity for cricket fans and NFT enthusiasts to play and win exciting rewards at the same time. 

2.Lucky Block

This game is a player vs. a player game that has a total of 8 teams. Gamers can acquire different weapons and armors by breaking lucky cubes of different colors and using them to fight with their enemies in the game.  

3.Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the most famous Web3 game. The game was launched in 2018. It is an Ethereum-based game where the users have to collect cute little monsters and pitch them for battles. These Axies are the NFTs of the game. They can be minted for profits. 

4.Pirate X Pirate 

The name of the game is quite self-explanatory in terms of the theme of the game. The gameplay is quite simple. All that one needs to do is to draft other players, then build up the ship and battle other players. PXP is the in-game currency, and this can be owned by battling against your opponents. 


This project is said to be one of the most interesting NFT gaming projects as it provides the experience of real-life horse racing. When the horse that the player has chosen wins a battle in real life, the in-game equivalent will win rewards. 


Gamers have come a long way in terms of exploring different models of gaming. While breaking away from the traditional mode of gaming can be a little intimidating, play-to-earn NFT games are worth trying by all means. Now is the right time to get started with the best Play-to-earn NFT games.




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2023 has been the year for the development of blockchain gaming, there are many games you can find on websites like that are of different categories, but all with the same goal... and that's to provide players with the potential to earn! 

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