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Best Play To Earn NFT Games To Invest In 2022

20 Aug 2022

When was the first time you tried playing a game? Did you win? Did your team win? Don't we all have many memories attached to the games that we have played over the years? For many gamers, gaming is something that expands beyond the screen and the console. Gamers have rejoiced in the wins and losses equally. To be precise, gamers have an inexplic

Blockchain Observations

A Complete Review Of An NFT Art Marketplace

18 Jul 2022

Introduction The world of cryptos has been beholden to the frenzied and bullish run of NFTs in 2021. It's 2022, and the total market cap of NFTs is around 23 billion dollars. The NFT headlines are roaring millions. When an NFT is purchased, you might not necessarily own the piece of art because NFT does not convey copyright or any other utilizing

Blockchain Observations

Top Cricket NFT Marketplaces in 2022

01 Jun 2022

Ever since Non-Fungible Tokens came out, it has been expanding its potential and getting used in every genre. From digital arts to real estate, NFTs are playing a crucial role in etching definite ownership of assets in an unhackable digital ledger called the blockchain. It started its invasion, giving credits to digital artists and creators, and

Blockchain Observations

NFT Marketplace - How Jump.Trade Is Better Than OpenSea!

17 May 2022

NFT Marketplace NFT marketplace is a digital platform where users can buy and sell NFTs. NFT marketplace is a go-to NFT space for everyone to explore what they want to buy. The trading practice will vary depending on different NFT marketplaces. The users can buy the NFTs using the direct buy option or participate in an auction and bid for the