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The largest institutional investors in crypto listed and ranked

If you asked major corporations and institutional investors a few years ago to buy a substantial amount of cryptocurrencies, you would most likely be laughed in your face. However, once the value of Bitcoin started to surge drastically, the whole world directed its attention toward cryptos, and we can firmly say that it was the starting point of the financial system revolution. 

Nowadays, we are seeing that the world’s leading companies invest millions and billions in cryptocurrencies and the results have been tremendous up until the 2022 crypto market crash.  

From the very beginning of the 2022 year, the Bitcoin price started its downfall and today, it showcases one of the lowest numbers. This process has had a highly negative impact on institutional investors since they have lost a significant portion of their holdings. As a result, some of them started to sell a part of their crypto stashes since the market experienced a serious slump. 

However, there is a decent number of companies that have maintained their holdings as they hope the crypto market will rise again and they will get back even more money in the future. Down below, we would like to point out some of the largest institutional investors in crypto and show you the current situation they are in! 


We would like to start with MicroStrategy, which is a very popular platform specializing mainly in business. They have adopted Bitcoin as a major reserve asset and the last two years have been the most prominent since the company accumulated millions of dollars worth of cryptos. As of writing this article, MicroStrategy holds 129.699 Bitcoins which is roughly equivalent to 2.8 billion dollars. 

However, given the fact that the crypto market experienced a crash, MicroStrategy started to lose a significant portion of its holdings. This has resulted in pretty negative results for the company, but according to Bitindex AI, the CEO does not lose hope that one day BTC will reach millions. As we read in his statement, Bitcoin is a much better asset than gold these days; that’s why he will continue to invest in this cryptocurrency until it reaches the highest possible numbers.

Galaxy Digital Holdings

Galaxy Digital Holdings is a merchant bank that mainly focuses on the crypto market and holds nearly 16.500 Bitcoin at the moment. This is roughly over 360 million dollars given the current price of Bitcoin. This company has established partnerships with the leading crypto firms ever since its launch and that’s why it is considered one of the largest institutional investors in crypto.

However, unlike the CEO of MicroStrategy, the founder of this company thinks that the volatility of BTC might be a considerable downside of the crypto market. The current situation has certainly proved his point and he suggested investors hold less Bitcoin than gold due to this very reason. But, the company still remains the biggest holder of BTC that is directly involved in the crypto industry. 

Voyager Digital LTD

According to several sources, Voyager Digital holds nearly 12.260 Bitcoins, which is roughly equivalent to 267 million dollars. The company has generated a pretty good revenue over the last two years and the CEO has stated that recognition of cryptos as investable assets has grown dramatically during this period. 

However, we have to say that the 2022 crypto market crash has been a disaster for Voyager Digital. They have revealed that the company had over 660 million dollars of exposure to the crypto investment firm called Three Arrows Capital due to the current market conditions. As a result, they were forced to file for bankruptcy. 


Tesla is one of the most famous companies in the world which started to invest in cryptos in December 2020. They had invested approximately 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin by that time. The CEO of the company is Elon Musk and he has taken a lot of weird and confusing actions ever since Tesla invested in Bitcoin. For example, he has decided to accept payment in Bitcoin, but after two months he has completely refused to do so since the consumption of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining has grown rapidly.

What’s more, due to the drastic actions that took place during the coronavirus outbreak, Tesla has decided to sell 75% of its Bitcoin, which is roughly 1 billion dollars. They wanted to maximize their cash position and in case the events take a desired turn, they will continue to invest in this cryptocurrency in the near future. 

Marathon Digital Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings is a Bitcoin mining company that holds nearly 10.055 Bitcoin, which is worth 218 million dollars at the current price. The main objective of this company is to become one of the largest Bitcoin mining operations at the lowest energy costs and it is certainly on its way to doing so. 

Currently, the company mines Bitcoin for around 6.200 dollars a coin since the operational costs are low these days.


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