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Stat of the year: That ABN Amro valuation revisited

A variation on this stat has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, so forgive me if you've seen it before. I picked this up from the aptly-named Doomsday Report blog.

In October last year, RBS paid $100 billion for ABN Amro (80% cash), and faced a fair amount of shareholder opposition to the valuation. If they were to use that money today, according to current market caps, they could buy the following:

  • Morgan Stanley: $16.3 billion
  • Goldman Sachs: $26.2 billion
  • Merrill Lynch $19.3 billion
  • Deutsche Bank: $17.4 billion
  • Barclays: $12.9 billion

And still have enough spare to change to buy the entire auto industry!


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