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Dear readers, I am happy and honored to inform you that INDUSTRY 5.0 become part of a global Startup: Community-Ecosystem-Advisory.

As a new member of the board, my duties are to advise startups on SUSTAINABILITY and INDUSTRY 5.0. Both are the most heavier discusses topics of the last few years but have been discussed mainly within the existing business and industrial environment, but STARTUPS has not been included.

CAPTURE HIGH founder decided to deliver the change and launched a project that will help STARTUPS to concentrate on core business and “outsource” the “troubles” of entrepreneurs and businesses life to experts that eliminate the destruction of the original idea.

As mentioned in my previous article, many STARTUPS become prey for easy money hunters, because it is so easy to trick and exploit inexperienced ones when you blind them with the shine of fortune waiting next door.

In fact, frequently the “NEXT DOORE” is the secret chamber and prison, in which at the end for a piece of bread and sip of water, the entire know-how is being transferred to “IMPACT INVESTOR” who picks up and sells the cherries leaving the rest of already spoiled cake behind.

Already the INVESTMENT ROUNDS are the proof, that not the idea or aim is important, just the money and profit of the investor, not the STARTUP.

CAPTURE HIGH aim is to help STARTUPS to be STRONG, INDEPENDENT. and SUSTAINABLE from the very beginning and to play a major role in the local, so as the global business environment

For more details contact CAPTURE HIGH FOUNDER Melvin Mathews

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN




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