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New on Finextra - it's easier to comment!

Commenting on news and features

We've made it quicker and easier to comment on the news. You still need to be a full community member to comment, but you now have a choice:

  • Comments - quick and simple. Just type a sentence or two and you're done. Ideal if you're in a hurry and want to make a point
  • Blog posts - if you want to expand on the topic and include links and a picture then make a related blog post instead.

You can comment on news, company announcements and our features and videos.

Removing comments

We've also changed the ways comments are managed. We used to allow blog authors to remove comments but that has changed. From now on if you wish to have a comment removed, please email us at and we'll look into it. We reserve the right to remove comments. Or not!

The endless pipeline of new things

Plenty more to come - we're planning RSS feeds for bloggers in December for example.


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