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How To Develop Decentraland like Virtual Reality Platform?

The virtual world has been a mind-boggling concept in the sci-fi genre for decades. This has pulled in a wide range of audiences and furnished them with an immense amount of mesmerization and entertainment. As the concept of virtual reality and augmented reality started to expand rapidly, every technological domain started to take notice and decided to create something unique that would make the digital world marvel upon its creation. And then came long Decentraland virtual reality platform development. This development concept opened the door for a wide range of opportunities for investors and the digital audience to experience novelty and enjoy something special and exhilarating.

This exhilarating experience has caught the eyes of the business world and they are planning to create something marvelous with this concept. Hence, building an NFT marketplace like Decentraland has become the trending topic in the crypto space and it is deemed to be a star-studded concept for novelty and the world-class experience.

What Is Decentraland?

It is an NFT gaming platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This virtual reality platform allows users to manifest and create the experience and monetize it in multiple unique forms. In this platform, the users get to create and own a portion of the land in this virtual world. Since this platform is based on the blockchain network, the users can own the land and claim ownership of those respective virtual lands. The core element of the Decentraland virtual reality platform development is the ability to allow the users to own and operate completely. 

These attributes are making the business platforms develop their own blockchain-powered NFT marketplace like Decentraland and explore a wide range of revenue opportunities in a short span of time.

Decenetraland Explained

Decentraland is a player-centric platform. In this platform, the players can explore the metaverse and experience novelty, all at the same time. In this marketplace/game, the users of the platform can purchase digital collectibles called parcels. These parcels are the main reason for the building of the ecosystem in this platform. There are primarily three types of native tokens; MANA, Estate, and LAND. These tokens are essential for the growth of the platform. They play a vital role in maintaining the stability of the Decentraland economy. Since the Decentraland game is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, the native tokens are based on the ERC token standards.

Governance is the core of Decentraland. This NFT game is not under the control of any centralized entity. Instead, Decentraland is controlled by MANA, LAND, and Estate holders via DAO. The players who own these tokens gain the power to suggest changes to the construction of the game.

Extensive Benefits Of Building An NFT Marketplace Like Decentraland

Holding Mechanism

Players have the option to have a wide range of in-game assets in this NFT gaming platform. And these in-game assets can be also accessed by other blockchain gaming platforms.


The virtual lands owned by the players are completely protected and the ownership is secured completely with the help of the blockchain network.

Rarity Verification

The Decentraland game uses the effectiveness of the decentralized digital ledger. This system stores all the information regarding the uniqueness and ownership of the NFT lands.


Since this platform is decentralized, a wide range of gaming assets can be developed to operate in various gaming concepts. Ranging from avatars to weaponry, everything can be accessed from various blockchain-based gaming metaverses, if they are developed on the same blockchain.


All the involved player transactions in the NFT game are observed and registered on the digital ledger of the platform. Hence, they are visible to the involved parties. Thus, maintaining transparency.


Every player presented in the Decentraland platform can liquidate their in-game assets in an instant by trading them on various secondary marketplaces or in the same platform itself.

How To Utilize The Decentraland Virtual Reality Platform Development?

Creating a blockchain-powered NFT marketplace like Decentraland requires a wide range of parameters since they completely depend on the concept of the virtual world.

Construct A Virtual World

The first stage would be brainstorming the niche of creating a virtual world. This provides a clear idea of the theme that needs to be added to the platform.

Creating An NFT Marketplace

Creating an NFT marketplace involves a wide range of factors, such as;

  • Creating a user-friendly UI/UX.

  • Selecting the appropriate blockchain.

  • Implementing the right crypto wallet.

In order to achieve these factors, the business platform should get into contact with a top NFT development company.

Implementing Storage Systems

For any digital platform, selecting the right storage system is important. IPFS is one of the best storage systems that is used to retrieve data effectively.

Final Thoughts,

Business platforms are very interested in using Decentraland marketplace solutions to their benefit. This is because of the wide range of benefits and rewards they can offer to the business. Hence building an NFT marketplace like Decentraland is a perfect solution for businesses to experience great profits and revenue in a short span of time. In order to start a business on this platform, it is necessary to contact a Decentraland marketplace solution provider. With their help, a seamless platform can be developed in no time!




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