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7 Viable NFT Business Investment Ideas in 2022

Ideas are the lifeblood of Business. Capture every fleeting idea and drive for change ~ Richard Branson (a British business magnate). 

Every Business's heart is a product/service idea that persuades the target audience to engage. Simply put, the business idea sets forth the reasons (to invest/buy) before the audience.

Talking about business ideas, you can’t invest in a random and ineffective business model, can you? While hovering around the business clouds, I couldn’t resist seeing NFT business churning out a good amount of money. Let me share with you a detailed market report from Dapp Radar (a well-known market tracker), which says that NFT sales have amassed around $23billion in the entirety of 2021.

Let’s take a look at the seven futureproof NFT business investment ideas in the following words:

  1. Launch an Advisory Firm

The conventional financial market includes investment advisory firms that guide investors on the WHEREs and the HOWs of their investments. We all know that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a collectible-turned-investment, don’t we? Helping investors and setting them on the course is the primary function of an NFT Investment advisory firm. 

Investors would essentially give you their money in exchange for your expertise in investing in NFTs with the expectation of a positive return on their investment. You get a part of the earnings in exchange for your services, and it's a done deal.

But then, this business model would need you to be an NFT enthusiast, are you?

2. Build an NFT Marketplace

Almost 90% of the NFT sales happen through the marketplaces, ranging from niche-specific to all-in-one platforms. While hovering around the NFT space, I see various marketplaces facilitating the trading. Also, most of them enjoy decent to good footfalls on their media.

To convey (in a better way), let me use the NFT marketplace like Rarible as an example. It is one of the few marketplaces that make a good chunk of money by selling rare-art NFTs.  

I (personally) would suggest this get-rich-quick business model to seasonal entrepreneurs!

3. Create a Play-to-earn NFT Gaming Platform

With influencers and sponsors joining forces to create an entirely new viewpoint around the gaming industry, earning money playing video games is becoming a more prevalent thing. We're seeing a shift in perception that gaming is much more than isolating yourself in your room for 12 hours a day and getting nothing in return.

The ardent gamers gather in-game assets (as they play) and store them indefinitely on their ideal blockchain. They can monetize them whenever they want on secondary marketplaces. Now it begs a similarity, isn’t it? You can nostalgically remember online video gamers utilizing Twitch to monetize their gaming sessions!

Well, I’m not that much of a gaming freak (to be honest). For more information on NFT Gaming, give Binance’s article a read.

4. Become an NFT Writer

If you have a good flair for writing, you can try this. A primary job of an NFT writer is to simplify complex concepts in an easy-to-understand language and style. 

With an increasingly large number of beginners trying to understand the non-fungible tokens, your no-frills writing may help them a lot. Well, you can start an NFT-specific blog/website or else offer your writing skills to websites for those who’re in dire need of it.

Guess what? It feels like I have a competitor (as a fellow writer)!!

5. Leverage NFTs for Fundraising

Have you come across fundraising projects in the crypto space? What was struggling with rugpulls during the mid-2010s, the emergence of an IDO token launchpad saw things turn around. 

Likewise, with NFTs, you have two options:  one is you help people tokenize their projects (as NFTs) and receive capital, while the other is to invigorate investments and utilize them for your business. 

Non-fungible token, like the IDO token launchpad, enjoys the entirety of the decentralization factor to its fullest.  

6. Make Your NFTverse

NFTverse (the decorated portmanteau of NFTs and the Metaverse) is an NFT-specific virtual world, where NFT enthusiasts converge to buy, sell, and experience their dream NFTs. Creators can deploy their artistic abilities at work to effect virtual games, events, and much more. You can sell and exchange any virtual assets you make as a metaverse asset creator.

7. Publish an All-inclusive NFT Book

Books are jam-packed with information. Because NFTs are so new to society, we can expect a lot of people to want to learn more about them by reading books and educating themselves on the subject.

As long as you provide an enormous amount of content in the book, an ebook addressing NFTs would be straightforward to market, convenient for both parties, and useful for your consumers.

The Closing Thoughts

Remember, some of the ideas may work instantly, while some may take time and some may not work at all. But then, that’s how everything works at first. Look at NFTs, two or three years ago, and now.

Last but not least, pick one business idea at a time, because too much of anything is good for nothing!!


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