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Start Accepting Cryptocurrency As Payment If You Are Using OpenCart or Prestashop

Enabling e-commerce with the greatest available solutions to accept cryptocurrency payments is critical nowadays, and with the rising market, company and individual interest in the cryptocurrency have reached new heights.

First and foremost, whether you're an e-commerce merchant just warming up your thoughts into the cryptocurrency market or you're sold on the notion of crypto payments and looking into how to accept them in your online shop, it's critical to stay on top of how this trend is developing.

Knowing that it is ECommerce that has brought and will continue to push cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

People currently use a variety of ECommerce development platforms, the most popular of which is "OpenCart" and "Prestashop," which are used by the majority of people and enterprises.

So, before we see how to accept cryptocurrency on “OpenCart '' and “Prestashop '', let's check out the benefits ECommerce can gain from cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Benefits On ECommerce

Instant Payments: While traditional transactions might be time-consuming, blockchain technology enables faster, more direct transactions that can assist simplify your business's cash flow.

For customers, the prompt processing of cryptocurrencies means that items can be sent instantly - ideal for addressing buyers' growing demand for speedy delivery.

Growth: Accepting crypto transactions may broaden your target market and result in an increase in new consumer visits.

Additionally, there are advantages for businesses trying to grow internationally, since cryptocurrencies may make international transactions easier, cheaper, and faster.

Better protection: Because of their sophisticated encryption, cryptocurrencies are extremely difficult to steal and counterfeit, lowering the risk of fraud in digital transactions.

Reasonable fees: Third-party service fees are dramatically lowered for several cryptocurrencies, which is excellent news for e-commerce retailers and the additional transaction fees they frequently incur for credit cards and other payment methods.

Lowering transaction costs can assist to increase the profitability of your organization.

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments On OpenCart & Prestashop

If you want to accept cryptocurrency payments on OpenCart or Prestashop, you have two options:

Personal Wallet: This option allows you to receive payments straight into your digital wallet.

Third-Party Payment Processors: In this instance, third-party services such as CoinRemitter, CoinPayments, and NOWPayments handle transactions on your behalf. All of the listed payment processors have their own set of fees, functions, and number of supported cryptocurrencies.

When using a Crypto payment gateway, there are no definitive guidelines to follow. It functions in the same way as traditional payment gateways. The only significant difference is that crypto payment gateways only help in accepting cryptocurrencies.

If you use OpenCart or Prestashop, you may accept cryptocurrency by integrating their payment gateway plugins. Among which, CoinRemitter provides free open-source crypto gateway plugins for OpenCart, Prestashop, and others

CoinRemitter includes invoicing and real-time payment settlement features, making it ideal for any ECommerce business. It also has the lowest price structure when compared to others.

Since its plugins are open-source, if you want to make specific tweaks or improvements especially for your ECommerce, you may easily do so. Once integrated, you will be able to accept cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others as payment easily, securely, and fast.

Final Remark

Cryptocurrency might be the solution for e-commerce merchants trying to increase their market share while providing their consumers with a faster and more convenient option to pay for goods and services.

Although some individuals are apprehensive about cryptocurrency's widespread adoption and the influence it may have on e-commerce, signals from across the retail industry indicate rising acceptance and usage.

So, if you're using OpenCart or Prestashop as your ECommerce Platform, you should be able to accept crypto payments quickly and easily with the help of third-party payment processors, with no additional costs for installation.

Whether or not you're convinced of the idea of receiving crypto payments on your e-commerce site, staying on top of the latest cryptocurrency developments means you'll be able to swiftly change your e-commerce strategy and stay ahead of the competition!


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