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5 Telltale Signs It’s Time To Hire An IDO Marketing Services Company

Not only just the get-rich-quick enthusiasts surmount the crypto space but also the budding entrepreneurs. Some enter the space to invest, while others raise funds (for their projects). Initial DEX offering (IDO) is one such fundraising model that unlocks investors’ value. Regardless of the need, one will have to enlist help for one set of tasks or another. 

You might start with an in-house team of blockchain developers, marketers, and so on. Not long after those hires, you start to wonder - what if I go with a seasoned IDO marketing services company? But when do you know - it’s time to stop experimenting and approach a prominent company? Here are seven ways to ascertain it’s time..!

Before I start, let me give you a gist on key differences between IDO, ICO, and STO.                               

How does an IDO differ from ICO/IEO/STO?

IDO is a fundraising method that enables decentralized protocols for traders (within the platform). As the issuer controls the event, it bears no warranty or guarantee. As more businesses consider it for fundraising, IDO is becoming more popular.

The issuers manage all duties in an ICO, which is similar to an initial public offering (IPO). In IEO, however, it is handled by a centralized exchange host. When we look at an IDO in comparison to the other two, we can see that it is a hybrid of the ICO and the IEO. The only distinction is that IDO uses a decentralized exchange instead of a centralized exchange (CEX).

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and Initial Distributed Offering (IDO) are nearly identical; we can even call IDO the new IEO. Organizations can directly swap tokens with individual investors or traders in both techniques. However, because IDO is self-organized and decentralized, you do not have to pay an exchange fee like you do in IEO.

5 Signs That your IDO project is Struggling

1) No active Investment Query

If you sense a market for your product or service and you’re super confident about your crypto tokens, the problem with lagging queries could well be ineffective marketing. IDO marketing, not done properly, could tarnish your project/brand name. But wait - how does a marketing agency enhance things?

They'll look at what you're doing currently and formulate an IDO marketing strategy for how you can improve. You'll have a better idea of how much your marketing is holding you back - and, hopefully, which firm you should hire. 

2) Your Landing page isn’t persuasive enough

A landing page is something that is inclusive of extensive details about your project and coin/token sales. Once a user lands on that page, the next step should obviously be taking an action like buying your token or at least subscribing to the newsletter (if you have one!).

When you partner with a marketing agency, they’ll understand the characteristics of potential investors and design the page accordingly. Since they might have already worked on so many projects, you can take pressure off your head by partnering with such an agency.

3) Lack of Utility

Trust me, no investor will come forward (to invest) if a Blockchain-based project offers no value in return. For this, we can derive reference from ICOs; where multiple reports say that 80% of ICO projects failed over the years due to multiple factors. The lack of utility in ICO-based tokens played a major role in those failures.

Even before a marketing agency plunges in this scenario, it’s you who should design your token with future utility. To optimize the utility of a token, a corporation must first specify the characteristics and purpose of the token issue, as well as determine whether or not it is required.

4) Lack of a close-knit community

Assuming that people will automatically pour in (after creating your token) could be an important sign. But know what? Your IDO-based project should persuade like-minded people to form a community. While a good product and a solid business plan are important, the success of your IDO is primarily determined by the strong community you create. The first stage, before even considering launching an ICO, is to identify a solid community and create your currency around it.

Remember that hiring an ideal IDO marketing service is critical for a project's success. Putting your community’s consideration (into place) might put your IDO-based project in a better position. Most successful IDO marketing services take over community building platforms like Discord and Twitter to ensure better results.

5) Your In-house team lack the X-factor

Maintaining your in-house team of content marketer, community manager, and project lead could well lead to a saturation point. Even if the team continues to do their best, hiring an IDO marketing services company can get the best out of them (as well).

The quickest method to create a vibrant virtual community is to connect with and establish an audience online. In the crypto realm, a large audience is required for brand promotion, and social media can assist with this.

What’s next?

If any of the above signs reverberate with your situation, do not hesitate to hire your marketing partner. 

I urge you to keep your project requirements (for reference) while determining the appropriate marketing partner. If you do that, it would be a well-informed decision.

Welp, that’s it. But wait - Good luck with your IDO project!


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