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Want an Edge in Web3? Try Full Stack Development Services

Full stack development services have existed for several years now. But they have never been as significantly crucial to growth as they are today. Let me explain. 

Facebook's 'Meta' identity got mixed reviews. Whether you like it is not relevant because the change indicates a more significant and unnoticed shift to Web3. 

Web3 is the integration of blockchain (read decentralized internet) and virtual reality. Every transaction will be recorded in a publically encrypted ledger, with miners working around the clock to secure it. And easily accessible virtual reality will eliminate the need to be physically present to engage with your colleagues, clients, and associates. 

For the average business operator – this might seem like yet another ‘fad’. But this is a significant shift, and companies like Microsoft have already started pivoting, and Facebook is pouring $10 billion on the project. 

So, it would be reasonable to assume that the new virtual and transparent markets for goods and services will open new avenues for small and medium businesses. And that should be exciting news for you. But you can access this untouched avenue of growth only and only if you are digitally prepared.

And that often means – having a functional website. Now that is where full stack development services come into the picture. 

The Current State of Web Development

Before we deep-dive into why the decision to hire full stack developer can change your digital strategy, let’s understand the current state of web development. 

  1. Competition: There are over 1.9 billion websites across the internet. Since your audience’s attention span and time are limited, every additional website means additional competition.

  2. High-Performance Expectations: A 2021 survey conducted by Top Design Company shows that 42% of audience members would leave the website if it has poor functionality.

  3. High Cost of Development: You might end up spending as much as $12,000 in developing a fully functional website. 

The facts clearly show that you need a unique, functional, and cost-effective website. But, it is challenging to keep the costs under control with a team of front-end developers, back-end developers, database engineers, quality assurance specialists, and web designers. More people means more room for error, more back & forth in revisions, extended project times, and eventually – inflated costs. 

Full stack development services are the solution to each of these problems.  

What are Full Stack Development Services & Why Should You Care? 

Full stack is the cohesive process where one developer brings deep expertise in frontend development, backend development, and database engineering. With a full stack developer on your side, you get expertise in:

  1. Frontend or Client-Side Development: Using JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS3, and other similar languages and frameworks, the full stack developer ensures a seamless user experience. Loading interactive pages, browser operations, and using temporary memory are the core functions in this process. 

  2. Backend or Server Side Development: With Python, PHP, Ruby, and other languages designed for the job, the full stack developers ensure input processing, database querying & operations, and server interactions. The backend development process ensures that your website’s core functions are performing as expected around the clock. 

  3. Database Engineering, Security, and Maintenance: This includes database design, development, installation, configuration and security. Usually, tools like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server are used to develop and maintain user databases.

Full stack development services roll up all these functional areas of a website's development process into one professional's speciality. Usually, full stack developers bring:

  1. Years of expertise in having developed websites inside-out, single-handedly. 

  2. Capabilities of frontend, backend, and database management that span across multiple tools. 

  3. Deep experience in coordinating and streamlining projects. 

  4. Discipline to fix issues in a timely manner, as they have access to all the critical data points, project roadmaps, and codebase for the website.

Why Do Companies Hire Full Stack Developers?

Full stack development consulting provides an additional layer of management without adding to the cost of development. This way, your project gets multifaceted efficiencies.

1. Accelerated Development 

Let's assume you have a team of 10 developers, designers, and testers with distributed expertise across the frontend, backend, and database. Each individual’s work is dependent on the perfect delivery of the other individual. Like a domino effect, everything gets impacted if one thing goes wrong in one part of the project.

If you hire a full stack web developer, you risk the project and put it on an accelerated roadmap. A full stack web developer understands the back-end requirements even when she is working on the front end. This way, she can prepare the codebase and supporting files in the current development phase to cut the time from revisions when the project gets to the next phase.  

2. Rapid Prototyping, Feedback, and Testing

Full stack developers have a higher standard of performance since they are expected to have a deep understanding of every corner of the project. This is the reason why prototyping and testing is an in-built part of every step in the process. 

Since one full stack developer is working on the website's front-end, back-end, and database elements, all loopholes, redundancies, and possible drawbacks are mapped out early in the project life cycle. 

Moreover, full stack development services ensure that the same strategic metrics are applied across the project. For instance, catalogue management is more important for an eCommerce site than a corporate website. Hence, the full stack developer can optimize the website across both the front and backend instead of a template approach. 

3. Easier Communication and Collaboration

Assuming you have one project manager and just five developers working on the frontend and backend, you have a team of half-a-dozen people working on the project. While this can often accelerate the delivery timeline, it makes the line of communication a challenge. 

Let's assume – you want to add a pop-up on the homepage that has a cookie notification in line with the GDPR laws. You ask the web designer to make a wireframe, which is then adapted by the frontend developer and integrated into the website by the backend developer. If any changes are to be made to this particular pop-up, the entire cycle will be repeated. 

Full stack development services have simplified workflows. One expert maps out the impact of the entire requirement and streamlines the processes necessary to implement the work-product, phase by phase. And that is how you save valuable time and resources. 

4. Greater Accountability and Better End-Results

Let's build on the same example as mentioned above. Your team of six people is working on the project, and each individual is responsible only for her, his, or their specific work product. 

For example, the frontend developer would not mull over how efficiently the website database scales. This way, you are working with a group of people who have limited accountability. 

If one person chooses to leave the team, your project can face unmapped friction and delays. And with the global tech industry attrition rates reaching as high as 12%, it is not unreasonable to see this happening. 

Full stack development services are orchestrated for greater accountability. You have one expert responsible for multiple phases of the project, and this makes the developer more invested and accountable for the project's outcomes. Such greater accountability is one of the most common reasons for better website performance. 

5. Seamless Upgrades and Migration Capabilities

When you hire a full stack web developer, you are hiring a portfolio of specialities. Between Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, MongoDB, and several other tools, frameworks, and languages, full stack developers have comprehensive expertise. And they are incentivized to upgrade their understanding of tools and languages. This way, your project will always be aligned with the industry standards as your developer is constantly evolving her expertise.

How Can You Hire a Full Stack Developer and Champion Web3?

What is Web3? As we established earlier, it is the seamless integration of blockchain and virtual reality. Whether avatars will be a part of it is a debate for some other day. Today, it is more important than ever to have a functional website that can later provide the home to virtual interactions between your brand and customers. And full stack development services are the much-needed bridge between your business current digital readiness and your customers’ needs from tomorrow.

Full stack development services and Web3 will go hand-in-hand for the years to come because:

1. Web3 is Evolving and Complex.

The world has just started paying attention to Web3. As more applications, ecosystems, and platforms evolve to facilitate Web3, the technological needs for your business will change. Full stack development services will be critical to ensure your websites adapt to such changes without needing expensive and risky upgrades.  

2. Web3 Requires Omnichannel Expertise.

It's great to have a team that has developed eCommerce websites or social media websites, or corporate websites in the past. But, that will not take you far in the Web3 space. You will need a team of multifunctional specialists and full stack developers who have the expertise to adapt and grow in line with the omnichannel needs of Web3. 

3. There are No ‘Templates’ for Web3 Excellence. 

The 'DIY' revolution has reached web development. You can now see websites developed with no-code or template-based methodologies. But, these are often static websites developed by citizen developers. They have scaling issues and cannot expand with time. At the end of the day, a full stack developer will ensure that your website organically matches your market's technology and business needs, even if there are no templates to do this. 

Towards Web3, with Full Stack Web Development Services

Web3 is beautiful, fantastical, and complicated. But, much like the early stages of social media, eCommerce, and the internet itself, it will open unparalleled doors of opportunities for your business. All you have to do today is hiring a full stack developer, launch a well-designed and functional website, and take a step towards the future.

Author Bio: 

Mahipalsinh Rana is a CTO of Inexture Solutions, he has more than 15 years of experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android. Along with his guidelines, many agencies hire full stack developer teams to build their online presence & complete complex project. He loves to write and share about technology, startups, entrepreneurship, and business


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