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Scaling up Cloud capabilities, with right protection technology and security capabilities

The pace of digitization has increased the need for embracing the cloud for nimble management of scalable operations.

68% of IT practitioners say they are using the cloud to store most of their data.

A financial service provider has to choose the right data protection technology to un-lock the perceived data-capital for business growth and operational advantage. Most challenges today can be overcome by taking a well defined approach to defining privacy requirements and translating them to security controls.

Nevertheless, cloud practices can embrace the latest advancements in security that can securely store, move, back up data on the cloud. One should look out for these aspects in the data as well as security solutions -

  1. Discovery of data in cloud storages using catalog services
  2. Automated classification of data in cloud storage
  3. Entitlement management for data on cloud storages
  4. Administration of column-level access through entitlements
  5. Administration of preferred techniques of masking, anonymization, pseudonymization, redaction for personal data
  6. Secure management of data-in-motion as well as N-S & Inter-DC traffic
  7. Centralized management of encryption keys for hybrid cloud
  8. Full Key lifecycle management & control

Various models of Key management and Encryption, for cloud services, have evolved in the recent past including -

  1. Cloud Service Provider Key store & Encryption Services as SAAS, PAAS, IAAS offerings
  2. Non-shared Key-store services on cloud
  3. Bring Your Own Key Model - Customer managed keys
  4. Bring Your Encryption Model - Customer managed encryption



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