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Cloud and Open banking platforms, business model and operational approach tests.

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Dhiraj Sharma

Hybrid Cloud : Laying the foundation for using public cloud at your data centers

The cloud has become an important part of the banking landscape, with an increasing number of banks migrating to it to reap the benefits. However, neither a private nor a public cloud can fully meet t...

29 Jul 2022
Boris Bialek

Building banking for the future based on the right tech

Banking used to be a somewhat stagnant, hyper-conservative industry that seemingly took aeons to evolve. However, in recent years, the banking world has seen a huge shift due to pressure coming in mul...

19 Jul 2022
David Bomser

Core Banking Can Be Deployed Successfully in the Cloud and Community Banks Should Cheer

The mainstream acceptance of the cloud as a practical deployment option presents new opportunities for financial services institutions, especially for community banks. A decade ago the cloud was reser...

23 Jun 2022
Muhammad Faizan Siddiqui

Why Do Organizations Need a Cloud Strategy?

Everyone in the tech space is aware of cloud services’ role in fostering innovation and adoption of technology-based solutions, and the benefits they offer to the businesses embracing it. Under marke...

21 Jun 2022
Boris Bialek

Multi-cloud: balancing the cloud concentration regulation risk with the innovation reward

Regardless of size and business mix, most financial institutions have come to understand how cloud and multi-cloud computing services can benefit them. There are cost benefits when it comes to scale, ...

16 May 2022
Boris Bialek

The Time is Now For Payments Data Monetisation

In today’s global economy, everything is driven by data. More specifically, payment data and analytics which is at the core of driving commerce modernisation forward. With the global digital payment m...

19 Apr 2022
Peter Kennedy

When It Comes to the Cloud, Practice Makes Profits

In a crucial shift, the cloud is moving from an efficiency play to a growth driver. Financial services leaders cite increased future revenues (62%) and improved future profitability (52%) as leading r...

29 Mar 2022
Anna Serebryannikova

Why build payment infrastructure in the cloud? Examining the pitfalls and best practices

Given its ability to fuel innovation through flexible resource distribution and scalable systems, the cloud will be the future of payments. In this article we will discuss the advantages of moving pay...

22 Mar 2022
Adam Pogorzelski

Best Practices for Microservices in FinTech

Microservices fundamentally changed the way applications are built, managed, and supported after launch. Even more – they had changed the way engineers and managers think about digital products in the...

07 Feb 2022
Kartik Swaminathan

Fintech and Cloud – Why are large players hesitant?

Fintech and Cloud – Why are large players hesitant? Fintech solutions being developed and hosted on Cloud are gaining popularity, as cloud environments offer many benefits in terms of cost (Manpower, ...

06 Jan 2022

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