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The adoption of innovative technology amidst existing operational silos

The digitalisation of capital markets is happening. The push to digitalisation is a result both of client pressure and internal demand. Digitalisation is not an end itself, but rather a means to a more efficient flow of
actionable data. Impediments to achieving the shift to the desired digitalisation state are highlighted by existing operational silos.

The need to provide a holistic view of customer data throughout the transaction cycle, from onboarding through post-trade to full settlement and reconciliation has never been more critical. This is a challenge being faced by all stakeholders involved in capital market transactions.

I have first hand worked with systems that were not built for interaction. Integration of these legacy systems is no easy task. In order to realise the benefits digitalisation can bring to the market requires a committed focus on bringing the legacy systems of the past to the platforms that are no longer the future but are clearly the present!

Digital bonds, issued on a public blockchain and settled with a central bank digital currency paves the way for more. The demand for alternative sources of finance is at a high as economies focus on recovery.




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