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Grand Prix budget cuts? - Hamilton's trophy falls apart

I like the Grand Prix and I couldn't help notice the British winner Lewis Hamilton on the podium at the end of the Chinese Grand Prix - his trophy base fell apart as he waved it in victory. I hope that wasn't as a result of budget cuts, and more likely a quality issue for the manufacturer. It's not as though we don't expect a race winner to wave it furiously when they get their hands on one of those coveted trophies.

Lewis drove like a champion and I hope we don't see any more Grand Prix cancelled even though I had a tinge of guilt when I watched a recent Asian night-time race and wondered how much energy was consumed in the race. Of course all of us Grand Prix fans could easily compensate by turning a light off a few minutes earlier or even go to bed earier and gain by enjoying a little more sleep, so I won't lose any sleep over that one.

Well done Lewis.

I'm switching off my lights now and off to bed in support of more Grand Prix.



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