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Equens partners ICBPI and Isabel on European e-invoicing pilot

European payments processor Equens and Italy's ICBPI Group are teaming up to establish a multi-party cross-border electronic invoicing network and have recruited Belgian service provider Isabel as the...

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Can e-invoicing save the planet?

I see we're giving away a mountain bike on our Green Zone quiz as part of this year's Sibos bash.

Sibos? Green? Don't get me started... the first time I attended I was shocked by the amount of materials seemingly used for three days and then thrown away. All that carpet for starters - an obscene waste.

Anyway - I digress - if you fill in the quiz apparently we'll offset a tonne of CO2.

In case you're wondering - this equates to:

  • Driving for 3000 miles, or for three months (presumably not continously)
  • One return flight from London to NY
  • Turning off you computer monitor every lunch time for three years (based on a 45 minute lunch break)
  • Recycling 180,000 sheets of paper

And as for e-invoicing:

  • A one per cent increase in the adoption of e-invoicing in Europe can save 800,000 trees annually
  • Sending 10,000 paper invoices per month releases one tonne of CO2
  • Switching to e-invoicing could save at least 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide annually

So - on yer bike and take the quiz!


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