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3 Altcoins that Everybody Should Check out in 2020

With Bitcoin increasingly getting support and the smart money finally getting in and bringing some stability to the market, many altcoins stand to benefit from it. While the beginning of 2019 was all about doom and gloom and readjusting expectations, there seems to finally be good news for crypto investors, especially those who are in it for the long haul. If the current momentum carries into next year, we could see some new players starting to make waves and headlines. Here are 3 altcoins that should be on everybody’s radar in 2020.


BitTorrent, which is a well known peer 2 peer content distribution protocol, was acquired by TRON in July of this year. TRON’s intentions were to ultimately legitimize the platform and combine it with it’s own blockchain network. The implications of this could be huge as BitTorrent counts over 100 millions users worldwide and is said to make up for a whopping 33% of all traffic on the internet.

TRON will be adding bandwidth and storage to the platform, and while the old BitTorrent model rewarded participation with faster downloads, users will now be able to use TRON’s TRX token to get access to faster downloads among other things. This will give TRX what so many tokens out there are so desperately trying to get: a real usage case. This could allow TRX to break out in 2020.


The IoTeX project was first launched in 2017 and had for a goal to establish a new type of blockchain that rested on the IoT, or internet of things. For those who don't know, the IoT refers to the expanding network of internet capable and interconnected devices beyond telecommunication and computers.

The platform was made specifically to provide more protection on this growing network, and uses side chains to provide safe and fast interaction between different devices by governing connections across channels. For instance, it could allow only devices that are in similar environments, have similar functions, or the same level of trust to communicate. This could be a game changer, and could propel IoteX to new heights in the next coming year.


NPXS was a token created by PundiX and will be used on their blockchain operated payment service. What separates PundiX from other platforms is that they’ve went beyond the token and are actually releasing point of sale hardware to allow vendors to easily send and accept cryptocurrency payment. All users need is to have an XWallet account, though the team at Pundit is rumored to be working with different cryptocurrency wallet development services to develop their own proprietary wallet.

PundiX already has brand recognition in markets in southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia where it launched the mega popular Pundi-Pundi app, which a non blockchain cashless payment service. This and many factors are why PundiX and NPXS could get some traction in 2020.

If you want to get ahead of the curve and bet on a runaway winner in 2020, make sure that you keep an eye on these. The best news is that most of them are still cheap, so there’s no other way but up.





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