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LSE trading halted by connectivity failure

The London Stock Exchange suspended trading for the best part of Monday after being hit by a computer glitch amid frenzied dealing following the overnight bail-out of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae by the...

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TradeElect goes POP

I am surprised there has not been more comment on this, within the forum.

The last LSE outage also happened on a busy trading day--the end of the UK tax year. Although it was pre-TradeElect. While the exchange has not come out with the exact reason for the outage yesterday. I believe the problem in 2000 had to do with someone at the outsourcing firm forgetting to update the previously days data--which caused the exchange to have to shut down the system and effectively re-boot (a process that took hours).

We don't know if data caused yesterdays problems yet. Or if the frenzied trading activity caused by the US's annoucement about Freddie and Fannie on the Sunday scared Trade Elect into submission. ('Scared' is a very technical term--BTW).

I would be cautious of immidiatly pointing the finger at Microsoft and its .Net technology however. There is another firm working with the LSE on this. We shall wait and see....


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