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Cryptocurrency -- All about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallets

It didn’t take very long at all for Bitcoin to become very popular amongst people, and when did, so many people began to invest in this coin. No matter what type of cryptocurrency you take part in, you need a place to keep your coins safely. This would generally require an app or a bitcoin wallet of some sort. There are plenty of Bitcoin wallets that are available for people to choose from; it really all just comes down to personal preference.

So again, you could make use of a Bitcoin app that you would be able to access from your phone, or you could download a program and use it from your computer to access your bitcoins. When it comes to having the best bitcoin wallet, the opinion lies within the beholder. So if you are new to the world of Bitcoins, then you may need to start off with the basics of knowing more about Bitcoin wallet and the details on how it works.

Details of Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin traders are able to make transactions with one another through these wallets and apps that are available to allow them to. In this case, there is no middle-man, or bank involved. Cryptocurrency is not printed like regular money, but instead created, and all of the transactions for it are electronica, so there is no handling it the same as you would cash.

With that being said, owning bitcoins is not possible unless you own a bitcoin wallet. So, without further ado, let’s discuss some of the bitcoin wallets that are available to be used.


Paper wallets are some of the best known wallets that you can get to use for your bitcoins because they keep hackers out of your bitcoin account with the use of a key. QR codes are what are used as the structure for paper wallets. For people who want something a bit more private for their bitcoin storage and transactions, the paper wallets are probably for you!


The desktop wallets are the type that you will download to your computer for use. With this app, an address is created by the user to be used for the purpose of sending bitcoins and receiving them. Desktop wallets face the issue that they cannot be used on the go, unless the app is uploaded to your mobile device. With the mobile app you can take you bitcoins as well as the trading with you on the go.


Hardware wallets are well-known for being the most secure out of all of the different bitcoin wallets that are available. So with this wallet, you coins are stored on a USB-like piece of hardware that you will be able to access by plugging into your computer.


Now that you know a bit of information about the different bitcoin wallets that are available, you can now make up your mind on which one would be best for you to store your bitcoins on.




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