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Customer bank data found on computer sold on eBay

The confidential financial data of a million UK customers has been found on a computer that was sold on online auction site eBay for £35.88.

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Watch more 'Lost and Found' details emerge!

Hardly surprising that there is ever more information emerging about consumer details under 'lost or found' - either lost (in transit, on cds, laptops, etc) or found (on items which have been sold, dumped, stolen, etc).

Over the past 18 months, there have been repeated disclosures by the government and other agencies about data being 'lost or misplaced' and now there seems to be a trend of data being 'found' where it should not have been found.

Expect more disclosures in the coming days, weeks, months as more firms decide to announce "lost and found" data which they might have been aware of over the last few months as it is seemingly the right time to make such revelations - better to be one amongst many as opposed to an isolated case otherwise!


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