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Bio CEO and Senior Prepaid Consultant at Emotion Associates - the UK's only dedicated Prepaid Marketing and Consultancy Agency. Career History - Senior Manager Prepaid EMEA at First Data, UK. - Marketing & Business Development Consultant at Altair Financial Services, London - UK - Corporate Marketing Manager at PrePay Technologies Ltd, London - UK - Marketing Manager at Andrew Webster Limited, Cambridge - UK - Business Developm


Innovation in Financial Services

Banks need to do more about Fraud internally

12 Sep 2008

I agree with Marite Ferrero's comments but I also think this is a tough one simply because fraudsters - being fraudsters - will find a way anyway. However, that is not to say nothing should be done. A lot of prepaid card companies already have a block/unblock option which allows cardholders to block/unblock their card using a secure code/PIN and ...



Prepaid industry holding its breath!

28 Aug 2008

Innovative as hell!!! Now everyone in the prepaid industry needs to hold their breath and see if things go full circle and crooks start paying for guns with prepaid cards! Compliance ain't going to be happy. Now, must shut up!!


Watch more 'Lost and Found' details emerge!

27 Aug 2008

Hardly surprising that there is ever more information emerging about consumer details under 'lost or found' - either lost (in transit, on cds, laptops, etc) or found (on items which have been sold, dumped, stolen, etc). Over the past 18 months, there have been repeated disclosures by the government and other agencies about data being 'lost or mispl...


Aggregators are not 'Independent'

20 Aug 2008

I think the simple bit here is that aggregators and comparison sites aren't really as "Independent" as consumers would like them to be. They all earn commissions of the merchants and retailers that they showcase and whilst the commission itself may not be the sole reason for promoting one product over the other, there are surely instances...