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There are no corporate customers.. only Mr Same Guy


And no private customers either - just human customers in several roles. A legal person has btw never done anything.

So remember this when you create services. Same user experience across roles - and across services. A primary example is to allow the use of e-banking codes as ID in other services that need a strong e-id - and then use them also for signing documents.

The next phase is now to move away from product pushing - to providing the data needed for solving the needs arising from the customer's life event. Some of the MyData resides in the public sector, some in private sector repositories and some is Big Data

PSD2 is the model for how these will be standardized and opened up. DLT, Sovrin, AI (needing verified and standardized data) and other new technology will enable amazing things for the Mr. Same Guy's data - in all her roles... Banks as traditional trust operators are critically important for fast progress.


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