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The many benefits of Agile PMO

The task of integrating a Project Management Office (PMO) in an agile environment could prove difficult, but if done with thorough research and implementation, it can substantially improve efficiency in project execution and production, lowering costs and reducing risks for the organization.

Getting Buy-In

In order to do this, there first has to be complete support from the core team as well as senior management. For example, at a large bank that I worked with, we got buy-in all the way from the senior board to operations in establishing a PMO for a consistent approach to managing multiple projects enterprise-wide. An established PMO could face major resistance if it has not gained top-down support. This can often be challenging and is especially so in an agile environment where teams are more tightly controlled and agile reporting is communicated aggressively and continuously in real-time. The best way to avoid killing the PMO in its early stages is to show value quickly and engage senior management in the process of reenforcing a support culture.

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