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What will human-computer interaction look like in the year 2020?

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Is the iPhone about to take off for banking?

I'm posting this partly to illustrate another small change we've made to the site - in that you can now clearly see a reference to the original item if you've commented on a Finextra news or feature item. And of course I get to bang on some more about the iPhone.

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If you want to comment on a news or feature item you need to be a full community member so sign up now! Then all you need do is click on the comment link after any item on Finextra. You'll be prompted to log in and you'll go straight into our blog post editor. The original story will be automatically included on your post. Like this one in fact.

Back to the iPhone

I was watching an episode of Space 1999 the other night - circa 1974. To interact with the computer they would talk to it  - or press some buttons and then pick up a print out the size of a bus ticket. No mice. No touch screens. Predicting the future is tricky stuff - but bear in mind the Sinclair Scientific calculator had only just come out. And I had one. Still do in fact. I digress.

Looking at the iPhone  -  it's quite interesting. It has motion sensors, camera, a high resolution touch screen - a fast processor, speakers and microphone of course. And some of the apps make good use of all that. Already I'm hooked on Band and Super Monkey Ball - and the indispensible "phone saber" for those Star Wars moments. The screen is excellent - the BBC iPlayer is superb on it for example.

Apps such as Shazam work well too. This basically analyses some music within earshot - say in a shop, cafe or club - and then tells you what it is and offers you the chance to buy it. Stunning.

Mobile social networking is a doddle too. I snapped and uploaded a couple of pictures to Facebook while I was in the park this lunchtime. It has apps for all sorts - Twitter etc. I'm not that sad tho'. Yet. 

It's quite clear that this has shifted all the rules for what you can do with a small hand held device. And it's worth noting most of this stuff also works on the iPod touch - and think how common they are becoming. And ok the web browser may not be quite there but it's pretty darn close - it lacks Flash which is either a problem or a postive boon depending on your point of view. 

You could write some really interesting stuff for this platform - banking apps included. In fact you'd be bonkers to ignore it - you SHOULD write apps for it.

As for banking, I did try the Paypal one - I can check my balance and make payments. Limited maybe but handy.

I hope my bank ( is paying close attention! 

Banking apps for the iPhone

 Here's a recent round-up of examples for the iPhone:


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Paul Penrose - Finextra - London 15 July, 2008, 11:42Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes New stats from Apple: One million 3G phones sold and ten million applications downloaded from the App Store since its launch late last week.

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