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The Growing Potential Of Artificial Intelligence To Transform Social Media Marketing

Artificial intelligence and social media are gradually becoming household names in modern day marketing. Both technologies are rapidly taking over the world of marketing, knocking out most traditional methods of advertising like pamphlets, TV and newspaper ads.

Marketers who are always in tune with the change of marketing trends and technologies are trying hard to acquire and integrate the knowledge of AI and social media into their marketing skills.

How Artificial Intelligence And Social Media Are Impacting Modern Day Marketing.

Marketing is a field that is highly impacted by continuous changes in technology all around the world. As a marketer, you have a duty to continually get your knowledge updated with modern trends and techniques in marketing if you must maintain the business lead.

Recent statistics have shown a consistent rise in the number of people that are active users of social media. With an estimated 2.4 million active social media users in the first quarter of 2017, businesses now know how much they will be losing if they do little to integrate social media strategies into their marketing plans.

On a similar note, the popularity of Artificial Intelligence has been on a steady rise in the recent past. Marketers are finding ways to integrate AI into marketing as a way to bridge the gap between data science and marketing campaign execution. Businesses that leave artificial intelligence out of their marketing plans are surely missing out on the many benefits of AI. 

Six transformative Artificial Intelligence and social media integration that is useful to modern marketing.

Artificial intelligence remains top-ranked among influential technologies that have been developed in human history. Its impact on social media marketing cannot be overlooked as it has been integrated into many aspects to help boost the effectiveness of social media marketing.

Here are some of the ways that Artificial Intelligence is transforming social media marketing. 

1. Slack bots

Setting up, monitoring and running social media marketing campaigns require a lot of efforts especially when social media profiles begin to generate the increased level of engagements. Posting new and engaging contents while responding to hundreds of messages can be a very difficult task, especially when you want to eliminate every form of guesswork.

Slack bots help a marketer to eliminate every form of guesswork during social media content creation. The slack bots help to critically analyze posts from many social media platforms that are related to your niche. 

2. Improved Customer service.

People are constantly demanding for an increase in the quality of customer services that businesses can provide and this is one of the biggest areas where Artificial Intelligence can impact in modern day marketing.

Studies show that about 42% of customers who make product inquiries through social media platforms expect to get answers from brands within 60 minutes and this is a practically impossible feat.

Since it is practically impossible for human beings to provide 24/7 customer service to thousands of customers without getting weary, artificial intelligence becomes a readily available alternative that is both effective and reliable.

AI marketing will provide solutions that will help customer care agents to speedily understand and interpret a massive amount of customer data within a short time. 

3. Text mining and marketing automation.

This is the 21st century. Text mining and marketing automation is now a full reality. This reality is happening because machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming dominant technologies.

With text mining, structured and unstructured data are analyzed across various social media platforms to learn more about the taste and preference of customers.

Information that can be extracted from text mining is important for target market automation and development of personalized marketing strategies.

With AI,  there will be no need for you to think too hard before extracting information about your target audience. 

4. Facial recognition feature on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the giants in the technological world that have invested heavily in artificial intelligence. With the integration of AI,  it has made the tag function easier and faster.

Using the face recognition technology during tagging saves a lot of time for Facebook users as Facebook recognizes the owner of the image with the help of a special facial recognition technology that is powered by AI. If you are searching for your old friends or relatives you can find them through online People search in United States

5. Pinterest and Kosei.

Pinterest is certainly stepping up its game in the use of artificial intelligence. kosei is a data software company that is owned by Pinterest who has a major function of providing a personalized recommendation feature for Pinterest. Artificial intelligence helps Pinterest to provide recommendations based on user-specific searches.

6. LinkedIn and Bright.

Bright is a job search company that has been acquired by LinkedIn. The company features an app that uses artificial intelligence to provide accurate recommendations to registered job seekers and employers. LinkedIn analyzes a lot of information about employers using AI and makes accurate suggestions to job seekers.


The result of this study indicates that a lot of people may soon lose their jobs to Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to remain in business, then you must learn to integrate AI technology into the running of your firm to have a competitive edge in the industry.




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