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What not to tell your boss

Managing your boss in the right way can be the key to promotion or the key to your downfall. This includes what details you should give them and what information you are best keeping to yourself. To make sure your career goes in the right direction (i.e. up) there are some things you should omit from telling your CIO. Computerworld asked their top 100 leaders in IT what the top things were that they would never want to hear about from their employees. They were: 
  1. All about the technology and not about the business
  2. There’s only one solution
  3. Bad opinions about your colleagues
  4. ‘There’s no way’
  5. Surprises

So there you have it – make a mental note to steer clear of saying these things to your boss, or you may fall out of favour, fast!

See the article here for more information .


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