14 December 2017
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In the world of international trade, the process of exchanging payments, information and documents between buyers, sellers, banks, and other involved parties is becoming increasingly important for financial institutions. This community aims at presenting views and innovative ideas related to this financial supply chain space.

Applying Blockchain in the Supply Chain

06 June 2017  |  7401 views  |  0

I have posted a long document on Linkedin (Applying Blockchain in the Supply Chain) describing which blockchain features best apply to the Supply Chain process elements below.

I wish I could post it here on Finextra but I cannot include charts that are integral part of the document.

Hope you will enjoy the reading.


Supply Chain Processes Affected by Blockchain

Procure Materials and Services                  

               Develop Sourcing Strategies

                              Develop Procurement Plan

                              Clarify Purchasing Requirements

                              Develop Inventory Strategy

                              Match Needs to Supply Capabilities

                              Analyze Company’s Spend Profile

                              Seek Opportunities to Improve Efficiency and Value

                              Collaborate with Suppliers to Identify Sourcing Opportunities

               Select Suppliers and Develop/Maintain Contracts

                              Select Suppliers

                              Certify and Validate Suppliers

                              Negotiate Contracts

                              Manage Contracts

               Order Materials and Services

                              Process/Review Requisitions

                              Approve Requisitions

                              Solicit/Track Vendor Quotes

                              Create/Distribute Purchase Orders

                              Expedite Orders and Satisfy Inquiries

                              Record Receipt of Goods

                              Research/Resolve Exceptions

Appraise and Develop Suppliers

                              Monitor/ Manage Supplier Information

                              Prepare/Analyze Procurement and Vendor Performance

                              Support Inventory and Production Processes

                              Monitor Quality of Product Delivered

Produce/Manufacture/Deliver Product

               Schedule Production

               Produce Product

                              Manage Raw Material Inventory

                              Execute Detailed Line Schedule

                              Rerun Defective Items

                              Assess Production Performance

               Schedule and Perform Maintenance

Perform Quality Testing

               Maintain Production Records and Manage Lot Traceability

Deliver Service to Customer

Manage Logistics and Warehousing

               Define Logistics Strategy

               Plan Inbound Material Flow

               Operate Warehousing

                              Track Inventory Deployment

                              Receive, Inspect, and Store Inbound Deliveries

                              Track Product Availability

                              Pick, Pack, and Ship Product for Delivery

                              Track Inventory Accuracy

                              Track Third Party Logistics Storage and Shipping Performance

                              Manage Physical Finished Goods Inventory

               Operate Outbound Transportation

                              Plan, Transport, and Deliver Outbound Product

                              Track Carrier Delivery Performance

                              Manage Transportation Fleet

                              Process and Audit Carrier Invoices and Documents

               Manage Returns: Manage Reverse Logistics

                              Authorize and Process Returns

                              Perform Reverse Logistics

                              Perform Salvage Activities

                              Manage and Process Warranty Claims

                              Manage Repair/ Refurbishment and Return to Customer/Stock



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