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Big Data for Mobile Apps: Most Important Things to Know

Mobile devices already reached brought us a reality where it became the key. The intimacy of mobile devices has come to a high pitched state that we have never seen. For the majority of people, mobile devices are inseparable from their everyday reality. With all activities being donned by mobile interactions, businesses no longer can undermine the importance of mobile. So we are seeing most businesses having their mobile strategy these days.

When businesses find a mobile strategy to play an invincible role for their business that is where big data has a significant role to role. If big data means the ever increasing volume of diversified digital data with tremendous potential for analytics, the mobile engagement and interactions are contributing to this overwhelming volume and variety of data.

On the other hand, Big Data with its analytical potential can offer most succinct and powerful insights that app developers and marketers can effectively use to make their apps successful. Thus the relation of mobile apps with Big Data is actually complementary and mutual.

Understanding the statistics

The intertwined and complementing relationships of mobile apps and Big Data are best assessed with some recent statistics and trends. These trends and statistics show how the app ecosystem is going to be impacted by the emerging big data analytics while the mobile interactions are continuing to contributing to the ever-increasing volumes of data.

In US alone the thriving app ecosystem reached a value of more than $143 billion.
83% of most successful app companies in the US are basically from small cities and do not belong to the biggies of Silicon Valley. With mobile apps still being the key for most IOT devices, this growth has no sign to stop.

The real-time utilization of the mobile data including both interactions and user behavior will further help mobile apps address users wishes better. This real-time data analytics based on mobile data will continue to add value to mobile apps of diverse niches including enterprise, shopping, finance, games, health, dating, etc.

Another big trend is the overwhelming role of sensors in augmenting and fine tuning our mobile usage. There is a whole array of sensors that are giving your handheld devices huge capabilities to know the users in depth. All these sensors will continue to produce rich user data that further can be accessed by cloud-based analytics and transferred as real-time insights for apps.

A whole array of handheld devices dominating the scene is also posing enormous challenges as far as cyber security is concerned. With real-time data flows and active data push from devices, AI based security tools now can be more equipped and effective to put an to malicious data threats. Security for your sensitive data across mobile apps can enjoy better security cover thanks to the real time data push to the security tools.

When it comes to mobile marketing, the role of big data analytics seems particularly remarkable. Already across a few industries and niches of mobile marketing the impact of big data proved huge and grew. As per the report published by Forbes among businesses customer analytics has the highest use cases of big data which stands at 48% of all Big Data use cases.  Operational analytics has a share of 21% while fraud control and compliance has 12% and R&D has 10% of share among big data use cases.  So, more enterprises understanding the positive impact of big data on their mobile marketing, big data will continue to thrive in mobile space.

Sourcing user data through mobile apps

With few hundred likes, comments and interactions a clear character of a customer can easily be drawn. Well, the interactions of the users on the social media and an array of web platforms offer a rich reserve of insights about the buying behavior, preferences, social status, dislikes and typical choices on various matters. With the users now staying connected and interacting on the web round the clock the user data is now more accessible. Thanks to big data analytics grabbing this diverse and voluminous data and getting most relevant and actionable analytics from them is no longer a challenging thing to do.

Mobile apps knowing the users in depth concerning their preferences, user behavior, constraints, demographics and distastes can easily put themselves in the shoe of their target users and accordingly address their needs and preferences. Big data analytics help them understanding the enormous pool of user data and can actively guide them with a strategy for effective notifications. Thus big data in more than one ways became the coolest thing to help an app address its user's most effective way.

Big Data with location data is actionable analytics

Big data analytics offers an array of insights into businesses, and a majority of these are about the ‘what’ part of communication. But increasingly then ‘when’ part is gaining importance as for most businesses communication in user preferred time proved important. Secondly, knowing the location of the users is equally important to ensure maximum attention and engagement. Moreover, for certain industries like the retail knowing the location of the users is necessary when rolling out promotional offers based on the proximity of the users to the retail stores.

This ‘when and where’ aspects of communication combined with other user information and insights help mobile apps address their users better. Big Data analytics combined with location-specific data can give marketers more ease and precision to address users at moments that garner more business conversion.


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