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Financial Services and Enterprise Work Management - There is a Way

"Work, it needs to be managed up front" 

A lot has been written to date about the Digital Customer Journey within the Financial Workplace and the end to end process designed to put the customer first, keep them happy and address their needs. In essence, it’s all about mapping the customer experience across each potential touchpoint to ensure a happy engagement.

From the first moment of contact with your organisation it’s imperative that you ensure the customer experience is positive, accurate and handled in an efficient manner.

But, looking inside today’s Financial Organisations the back office processes are typically driven by tasks and rules and are very often silo based. Having to cope with legacy systems and broken processes in not unusual. An efficient front end, although important and great to offer, will not help if the internal back office processes are broken causing delays and bottlenecks.

To ensure a smooth Customer Journey from end to end it’s important that the back office processes run efficiently with the goal to allocate the Right Work to the Right Person at the Right Time.

Working with your existing systems, implementing a  Work Management Solution will help deal with the impact of digital channels, how work gets done and how the quality and speed of customer services is managed. Having the necessary tools in the back office to automate the allocation of work tasks, based on the availability, skill sets and requirements will streamline processes and remove bottlenecks in areas such as customer on boarding, claims, underwriting and other business processes.

I recommend that you take some time and look at your back office processes and how task management and allocation is handled today. Are there currently poor manual process in place with the inability to get a real time view on actions? If this is a challenge then Enterprise Work Management might be able to help. 



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