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BCBS 239 - Semantics and lineage

The road to semantic discovery within the G-SIB's and prospective D-SIB's seems to be yielding little in the way of reward. More often than not, only a handful of business terms have been found and their definitions agreed upon.

I find this all too perplexing and the excuses I hear are just frankly excuses.

To speed things up, we have to look outwards and how we interact with the global financial system. This leads to messages following such standards as FIX, FpML, ISO 20022, XBRL and ISO 8583 and full blown ontologies such as FIBO. The good news is that all have business semantics in digestible forms and they all have a significant monetary payload attached.

Load the dictionaries, publish and then get consensus for the golden definition and work through the relationships...






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