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Are you the last Mohican?

Are you the last Mohican? The last one still sending our accepting paper or PDF invoices? In your private and/or corporate role?  The last one using cash in a shop? The last one writing or accepting cheques?

If so - stop to think how unproportionally expensive it is for your supplier, customer, shop etc. To have to count and take cash to the bank, copy paper, print PDFs, cash in cheques etc. Instead of doing value creating work.

And if you do not pay the costs yourself visibly - is it fair that all others of use do? Is it fair that your slow adoption or sticking to the old out of principle - slows down the progress to cost effiecency, CO2friendly processes,  transparency and real time? Are you sure you are not keeping the grey economy alive? Should you not prioritize what is good for society at large? Even if it may take some effort to modernize ones behaviour.

We have already for many years seen buyers declaring e-invoice or no invoice and cash-not- accepted signs in Sweden. Soon also elsewhere - getting rid of the remnants will simplify life in so many dimensions.

Clinging to the past has never been a good strategy anyway..


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