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Where to Find the Best Forex Trading Music - Listen and Earn!

Listen to the best forex trading music while earning. Music has become a staple in today’s modern workplace. In a forex trading environment, music can immediately affect productivity and frame of mind. According to CBS News, the benefits listening to music while working are:

  • Background music improves your mood and enhances perception while working.

  • Music makes you feel calmer.

  • Music can help you focus.

Like picking a forex trading strategy, music is a personal preference that should be tried and tested for efficiency. Classical and ambient music are the most reliable tunes but you may also choose a playlist that suits your taste and your workflow. Keep in mind that the music you listen to should give you focus, not interruption. Great playlists are easily accessible, varied, and mostly free of charge. Check out the type of websites where you can find great music for forex trading:


If you would like to skip searching or creating your own playlists, plenty of websites these days are designed for specific music genres. These sites are easy to use and convenient for a quick enhancement of the work environment. Here are the a few websites you can use:


With a huge library of over 30 million songs and over 1.5 billion playlists, Spotify is currently one of the best music apps in the world. It allows you to listen and create your own playlist to keep you focused for hours of trading. Having 944 genres to choose from, Spotify gives you unlimited access to all kinds of music - Classical, Piano, Nature, Instrumental and many more.

After downloading Spotify, type in these keywords at the search box for forex trading playlists and albums you can try:


Even with Youtube, Pandora and Spotify, 8tracks is still the biggest platform dedicated to creating and streaming playlists online - without any commercial interruptions. With playlists created by millions of its users , 8tracks’ concept revolves around making a playlist with at least 8 songs. If you want to try 8tracks to customize your own playlist, they offer free accounts and interactive social community features. You can even filter playlists by trending, newest or most popular.


Plenty of sites offer many tracks for free and easy music downloads. If you would rather have immediate access to music in your media player, downloadable tracks are available online for free through these websites. The archives that these sites have can range depending on the music genre.

“The effect of music on work performance may be due to music making the person feel in a positive mood state.” by Teresa Lesiuk in The effect of music listening on work performance

Music can be a vital part of your forex trading strategy when starting a profitable trading session. Simply browse through the platforms and pick the best forex trading music that boosts your productivity.

Share your thoughts! What kind of music keeps you calm while trading? What is your favorite work playlist so far? Does music help improve your decision making during an execution?



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