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How to Set Up a Password Manager

If you have made the decision to use a password manager for your personal cybersecurity, which I highly recommend, you will quickly find that you online world is safer, easier and more secure than ever before.

According to a recently concluded survey conducted by uSamp and sponsored by Siber Systems, creators of the RoboForm Password Manager, 63% of respondents reported forgetting a password, or had a password become compromised, in their professional life.  But it doesn’t need to be this difficult.

What Does a Password Manager Do?

Before choosing a password manager and setting up an account, you may be curious to see exactly what they do:

  • A password manager stores the passwords for your online accounts in one, easy to access place, as long as you have access to the master password.
  • The passwords are stored and encrypted by the password manager software, and the information is controlled by a master password.
  • The password manager will allow you to create a strong password for every account without the need to have to remember them.
  • Many password managers can sync across devices and platforms, as well as browsers, so you can use it with almost any online account you have.

Setting Up a Password Manager is Easier Than You Think

Setting up a password manager is typically easy, and the process begins by downloading the manager onto your device.

  • Setting up the account is no different than sitting up any other account. You will need a user ID, password, name and email address in most cases.
  • Each device you use should have the password manager installed onto it.
  • The data will automatically sync from device to device as it is updated according to information from
  • As long as the master password is kept safe, the data stored within the password manager is secure.
  • To start saving passwords to the password manager, log into websites as you normally do, and then the program will ask if you want to save the log in information. Once the information is saved, each time you go to the site and attempt to log into your account, the password manager will automatically enter your information.

As you can see, using a setting up a password manager is quite simple, and it is likely easier than you ever thought in the past. It can be done in minutes and will keep you safe for many years to come.



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