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Standards Forum Flight 12: You are cleared for take-off.

Here we go again.  Time to get your geek on.

In Forums past we’ve talked endlessly about ISO 20022, explaining what it is, what it isn’t… we’ve argued for adoption where it makes sense, and perhaps sometimes (in hindsight) where it didn’t necessarily make the most sense… but we argued anyway because deep down we know it’s the right thing to do!

With around 80 initiatives around the world that are now live or about to go live, the "if" has clearly become a "when"… no more talk about "Tipping Points", unless we are talking strictly in the past tense.

There are a further 120 known projects in the pipeline… so this year the emphasis is very much on the “how”.  What’s the best way to implement 20022? How can we implement 20022 consistently?   In 20 sessions and with more than 60 speakers, we’ll hear lots of talk about "Harmonization", one of the key themes for the week.

We’ll also be talking about how 20022 is starting to make a difference in the world of regulation… as we have been predicting for some time now.  I love it when a plan comes together.

The final theme of the week is around innovation, particularly in the payments space. ISO 20022 is very much in the thick of the action. Who would have thunk it?

This is Captain Stephen Lindsay speaking.  "Welcome to the 12th Standards Forum.  Nothing but clear skies ahead for our 4 day journey so sit back and enjoy the ride."



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