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BUY back ST Ledger day ...approaches !

Sell in May ...BUY back on St Ledgers day !"  September 10th approaches and could not come soon enough as investors return from their Summer vacations and hope to restore confidence in this fragile market .  3 of the past 5 years FTSE / Indices have tumbled in August   ; commodity prices are the lowest seen this century; FTSE is where we were 3 years ago and  Yellen and Carney may be needed to pause and halt the Chinese nightmare by avoiding an early rate rise .

  However we have an issue as there are really only 65 trading days left in the year ; December is a dead rubber ; for fund managers to restore a bull market and return decent profits to their loyal investors   ..... IF not  I believe we will see a swift return t an angry BEAR raid being accelerated in October as the grizzly bears enjoy their thanksgiving dinners . Therefore this short window of opportunity could be the catalyst to propel are markets and volatility over the cliff edge . 

  How can we price the "refugee crisis ? " Angela Merkel has stated that this could preoccupy Europe much more than the woes of both Euro & Greeces economy . More refugees are moving across Europe than at any time since 1945 ; this "Schengen Pact of 1985 " could pull Europe apart as migrants move from one country to another as frontier controls have vanished . The problem here is that certain Eastern european countries ; Slovakia ; Poland  , Czech Republic  & Hungary are reluctant to accept  "muslims " and are favoring Christian refugees first . This could begin the uncoupling  EU dream   of a ever closer union amoung our member states !



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