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UK retailer EAT installs integrated contactless payments system

Fast food joint EAT has become the first retailer in the UK to introduce a fully integrated contactless payment system at the point-of-sale.

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First contact for contactless payments

Sandwich chain EAT has become the first UK retailer to go live with an integrated contactless point of sale terminal. The upgraded Chip and PIN terminal has been installed at EAT’s Moorgate branch and enables the retailer to select the method of payment that customers want to use – either cash, Chip and PIN or contactless.  Over the coming weeks, the technology will be rolled out to a further 24 London based EAT stores.

With 350,000 customers per week and an average transaction value of less than £5, EAT has the ideal demographic to benefit from the use of contactless technology.

But with other UK retailers still smarting over the additional expenses incurred in the mass-market switch to Chip and PIN, the extension of contactless payments to the major high street chains is likely to be achingly slow.

Incidentally, EAT rival Prêt a Manger has a rather more interesting way of dealing with the conflicting demands of high turnover, low-value payments. Hand your card over the counter, have it swiped and walk away with your lunch – no signature and no PINs required. It’s fast and effortless, and probably a darn sight cheaper than upgrading all of your Eftpos terminals.


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