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Future Organisation - V. 2.018

Chartered Management Institute - UK  has released an engrossing report on the what the workplace/ organisation will look like in 10 years.  You can download the report and 'accessories' from;

The report called 'Management Futures' outlines how our working world is going to look like when viewed through three prisms - 'World continued' - Probable, 'Unexpected Future' - alternative worlds and the 'Desired Future'.

The only gap I see in the report is lack of attention to the most basic human element - 'stupidity'. The recent events in the financial world (sub prime!) shows that humanity is still governed by the base values of greed and stupidity. Whatever happens, it is unlikely that we, as a human race, are going to display any fundamental change in our driving forces. I think we will continue to have equivalents of Enron, WorldCom, Subprime in varied forms or mutants.


On another front, it was gratifying to note that 'Visa takes Life' through a bumper IPO.  The Visa adv campaigns say 'Life takes Visa' - so we are happy to note that it holds true the other way around too!  This was one IPO that the whole world collectively worked to make it a success. It is an irony of our times that a company sells itself on the tag line  'it does not offer any credit and hence runs no risk of default!'

But all said and done, our badly battered world needed some cheer!



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