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So how do you spend your Easter?

Call me sad, but I thought I might try out a little light web development work on the Mac. I bought it primarily for music and video and general fun stuff - but it's been such a stable and lovely thing to use I thought I might try some web work on it.

I did wonder how tricky it would be to set up Apache, PHP and so on - it turns out it's already there and you just click the button in the preferences panel to turn it all on. That's too easy - and I was all set to delve into config files, download humungously complex directories of files and CHMOD everything in sight. Ah Unix - it all comes back....

I've already found a nifty little editor called Coda which I'm rather taken by so I just need MySQL running and I shall be unstoppable. Coda is rather nifty - even does ASP syntax highlighting.

I might even take Apple up on their offer of VMWare Fusion for 35 quid which would then let me run Windows applications on the Mac without having to reboot it - err - if I could think of any I still used of course.

Alternatively - this looks a bit geeky so I might just read a good book.  What are you planning?


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