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A 30-second message to calm our nerves

If banks are becoming digital en masse, as the pundits want us to believe, why aren't the fintechs getting more than 6% organic revenue growth right now? They've got the goods to transform. In 2005, when mobile was something the baby gazed at from the crib, and digital was a numeric kind of readout on the car's dashboard, and branches were opening faster than Starbucks outlets, and branch closings were only about holidays, and hackers were men harvesting sugarcane with machetes, and smart phones warned you your mother-in-law was calling, the fintechs were averaging 24% revenue growth. Is this the kind of disruption that we can trust? Where is the money going to support digital transformation in banking? Maybe we'll see it next year, or maybe it's just pundit-style lip service.  As Cuba Gooding appropriately shouted at Tom Cruise every chance he got, "Show me the money, Jerry."

Disclaimer:   I am not a spokesman for fintechs, just a reconciler of conflicting situations in the bank tech industry.


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