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Head of Strategy at SunGard
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Bio Head of Strategy for SunGard's reconciliation business.


Financial Risk Management

Why is a reconciliation like a shirt? A buyer’s guide by a reluctant shopper

17 Sep 2015

Picture the scene: in a tailor’s shop in Hoi Ann, Vietnam, a reluctant shopper (me) has just been measured for a couple of bespoke suits. I’ve chosen the fabric, decided on the cut and I’m just about to pay for the privilege. Then the tailor throws a curveball. Had I thought, he asks, about shirts to go with my purchases? Despite fierce air condit...


Is Complacency the Enemy of Reconciliation Efficiency?

31 Oct 2013

To misquote a well-worn proverb, the road to inefficiency is paved with good intentions. This seems to be the case, at least, for many reconciliation teams, which are failing to follow up on their well-laid plans to optimize and capitalize on opportunities within their reconciliations inventory. Building an inventory of global reconciliation ac


A Window of Opportunity for Reconciliations

25 Sep 2013

They may not be making sales and sealing deals, but reconciliation centers of excellence are delivering an important service like their front-office colleagues do. The biggest difference is that their clients are the organization’s own lines of business. But what these “consumers” expect of the reconciliation service, from delivery times to matchin...


The best practice checklist for reconciliations

05 Sep 2013

In my previous blog I mentioned the growing external pressures for brokers when it comes to the reconciliation of exchange traded and over-the-counter derivatives. With EMIR requirements coming into effect, and Dodd Frank already impacting the industry, it’s never been so vital for brokers to improve their levels of operational control. Even more...