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Super sized opportunity in Australia

30 Jul 2013

Superannuation funds mean big business for asset managers in Australia. But the AU$1.5 trillion “super” industry is also facing significant challenges, in times of unprecedented change. The Australian government is in the throws of introducing a package of reforms to boost its citizens’ retirement savings through superannuation. These so-called ‘St...


Australia superannuation: gearing up for growth?

23 Jul 2013

Despite a booming domestic economy, Australia’s asset managers are taking an increasingly global approach to investment. But in the face of changing regulation, both at home and abroad, do they have the robust global technology to fuel their international ambitions? While most of the northern hemisphere has been gripped by credit crunches and fina...


MBOR: The New Paradigm in Investment Accounting

27 Mar 2013

First came Accounting Book of Records (ABOR), then Investment Book of Records (IBOR), followed by Alternate GAAP view. Now the next generation is here: Multiple Books of Record (MBOR), allowing full accounting automation from a single control point. How to do more with less? It is a key challenge facing all investment management industry participa...