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Prasoon Mukherjee

Director | Head of Securities Services | GSC-India at Societe Generale Bank
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Bio Prasoon Mukherjee has more 24 years of combined experience in IT Consulting and Capital Market operations having worked as a thought leader and domain specialist in multiple streams of IT and Banking functions. Currently Prasoon is heading Securitie Services Division at Societe Generale Bank, combinedly responsible for IT, Business Operations and Strategy from GSC - India., Career History


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Large Language Models are not a solution for precise data extraction in banking.

25 Oct 2023

In recent times, large language models (LLMs) have revolutionized the field of natural language processing, demonstrating impressive capabilities in understanding and generating human-like text. However, when it comes to sensitive and complex operations like those within the banking sector, there are valid concerns about relying on LLMs for the ex...



Bridging the 'EQUITY' gap in embracing inclusion.

02 Jul 2023

One of the fundamental reasons diversity in middle management and leadership levels is crucial is because of its potential to foster a broader range of perspectives and ideas. When leaders come from diverse backgrounds, they bring unique insights and experiences that can challenge the status quo, plus question assumptions. This diversity of though...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation


05 Apr 2023

If you are a student of finance studying ALM, the last few weeks must have been quite a perfect academic period to witness the SVB debacle unfold, as you mapped this use case to some of the written down text book theories about ALM situations across balance sheets in general. While it's not entirely wrong to do so, however its also pertinent to un...


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COMPUTATIONAL THINKING - The Missing Link Between Ideation and Execution

24 Dec 2022

We often tend to identity reasons of failed software projects with "cost-overrun" , "time-overrun" or "poor quality". A few years back, during conversation with a dear friend, who also happend to be my client at a major investment bank, I was struck hard by his thought on the subject, which still continues to be my gu...

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