Prasoon Mukherjee

Prasoon Mukherjee

Vice President at Societe Generale Bank
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Bio Prasoon Mukherjee has more 20 years of combined experience in IT Consulting and Capital Market operations having worked as a thought leader and domain specialist in multiple streams of IT and Banking functions. Career History Currently, Prasoon is employed with a French Bank, leading the Fund Services and Custody Operations Unit in IT delivery and strategy.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Modernizing Legacy Processes, Business Models and Technology without breaking the Bank.

29 Mar 2021

The onus on traditional enterprises to reinvent and compete with peers is greater than ever. Incumbents across industries are investing to transform their legacy platforms, redesign business processes and continuously innovate their business models to stay relevant. However, transformation strategies aimed at designing modern software applications...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

BUSINESS AGILITY in Banks - A need for Structural Leadership Reorganization, plus looking beyond IT.

16 Nov 2020

Ability and need to be nimble, like a blade of grass that bends to the waves of wind in any direction is possibly the right metaphor to use in comparing our ecosystem, in which we work that is notoriously volatile, and the demand therefore is to continuously adopt to change that is constant. Given this is same for all organizations, the ones that ...

Blockchain Observations

Judging blockchain as solving a capitalistic problem, or a socialistic issue, is a false dilemma !

08 Sep 2020

Is blockchain capitalist or socialist? Libertarian or collectivist? Leftwing or rightwing? The answers to the above questions are neither or both, as we shall find out in this article, scraping through the past 2500 odd years of human thoughts in shaping societies, culture, commerce, and thereby relating it to the root paradigm that this technolog...

Internal Auditors in Financial Services

Accounting, Auditing and Blockchain. The common thread that binds the 3 is Triple Entry Accounting

26 Nov 2019

Introduction: A background of accounting and auditing mis-governance, that’s hard to ignore: With sheer increase in the number of accounting scams that the industries have witnessed since early 2000, I have had this inner urge to bring this subject for more intensive debate. The last to hit a similar cord, is the recent issue of a whistle-blower, ...

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