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Bio With most of the toughest and intricate regulations behind us having made banks strong it's time for business. The how lies in 'Customer Experience' - A fusion of Technology and Innovative products. Digital in short. Strong industry experience ( almost a decade with SBIs' commercial network in Bangalore)mostly in wholesale banking -Credit Risk, Documentary Credit,Cash Management,Commercial Loans- loan origination,management and asset classification, Foreign Exchange and Regulations - Basel, IFRS 9,AML and FINCEN directives. A 360 view from Technology side as well. Leveraging strong banking industry experience to deliver IT solution in Delivery Management, Practice Leadership - Product Ownership for lending application,Senior Stakeholder Management,Pre Sales, Solutions, thought leadership, Coordination with BUs, setting and scaling up practice & delivery teams. Career History Started career in the managerial cadre (Probationary Officer) with State Bank Of India -The largest Indian Bank and moved on to ICICI Bank Ltd -Largest Private Sector Bank .Extensive & in depth exposure in corporate banking ,risk management and compliance .



Reprioritizing the ‘Trade Finance Transformation ‘in Banks as the world awaits ‘Electronic trade doc

06 Mar 2023

The inefficiency around paper documents in Documentary credit is well known and Banks are in different stages to implement change based on their processes and technological maturity to mitigate those. Some changes have FinTech partners as they touch the pain points through Trade portals, Discrepancy check automation and electronic documents pla

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Can Banks break the Missing Middle with technology in addition to just Credit lines?

16 Jan 2023

A breakup of Business Banking in the UK. 5.5 million businesses were small (0 to 49 employees) forming 99.2% of the total count of private sector businesses, followed at a distant by 35,600 businesses were medium sized (50 to 249 employees) and finally large business counting to 7,700 businesses. By and large the proportion is same across other

Electronic invoicing

Electronic Trade Documents Reform - A Successful Model and Lessons Learnt

30 Dec 2022

Lessons for Banks The Unified Payment Interface (UPI) which effects money transfers across Banks in India and developed by the NPCI has been duopoly of two FinTech- Google Pay & PhonePe. Ironically NPCI was set up by India’s’ central Banks & a consortium of Banks including Citi Bank & HSBC. Inter Bank payments which otherwise is someth...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Advent of 5G ! Can Banks do what Uber did in 4G?

17 Sep 2019

Innovation Landscape – Opportunities in Open Banking Customised/New Product Process and People Alignment Advent of 5G Advance in Data & Analytics Progress in Natural Language Understanding & AI Table of Contents 1. Introduction. 4 2. Business Driver. 5 3. What We Have Today. 7 4. Appro

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