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Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Preventing mobile payment fraud

27 Feb 2023

While the rise of mobile devices has streamlined transactions worldwide and made consumers’ lives easier, the dark side of this growth is that mobile payment fraud has only become more sophisticated. Back in 2007, only a third of people in Great Britain used mobile banking – now, that figure is over 90 per cent. Alongside this growth, there has b...


Add Value or Go Home - why payments delivering customer value and helping merchants foster loyalty

22 Jan 2023

The past 12 months have been tough for payment providers across the board, with market volatility and the end of cheap money leading to funding cuts, mass layoffs, and redundancies. Many firms have been struggling, and certain news stories demonstrate the ongoing challenges. Last year, Klarna laid off 10 per cent of its workforce, and its valuatio...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

How to reduce online payment fraud without adding too much friction

22 Jan 2023

Back in 2002, the fraud losses related to eCommerce fraud on UK-issued debt and credit cards amounted to 28 million pounds. Decades later, that number continues to skyrocket, with the annual losses hitting 376.5 million pounds as of 2020. During the pandemic, as people spent more time online than ever, there were new waves of online crime. Ove


Embedded Finance

How to combat the rise of fraud during a recession

31 Oct 2022

The brutal combination of high energy prices, high inflation, soaring interest rates, and global economic weakness has made the UK economy ripe for a recession until the middle of next year, according to a recent analysis by EY. Where’s there a recession - there’s also a rise in online crime. Not only do merchants have to be wary, but also consume...