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Exposing Financial Crime

Human trafficking: who is accountable?

04 Nov 2022

Human trafficking. Let’s call it what it really is. Slavery. Modern slavery victims are coerced to work for no money or false promises of debt repayment. Forced labor amounts to around 75% of human trafficking. Sex trafficking makes up the other 25%, yet it actually accounts for almost three quarters of total human trafficking profits in North Ame...

Exposing Financial Crime

Looking at AML in the New Era of Money Laundering: Where we’ve been and what’s to come

01 Dec 2021

The United Nations has estimated that between $800 billion and $2 trillion are laundered every year, though it’s almost impossible to know the true amount. In an attempt to deter this crime, we’re seeing fines continue to increase. In 2020, authorities handed out $5.6 billion in money laundering fines – a massive uptick from prior years – and when...

Exposing Financial Crime

Where the COVID-19 Stimulus Fraud Risks Are – and How to Stop Them

18 May 2021

We’re living in a golden age for financial crimes and it’s a good time to be a bad actor. Among the many potentials for crime is stimulus fraud – such as what occurred last year with the major stimulus packages passed in response to the pandemic. In 2020 alone, fraudsters siphoned off $36 billion meant for unemployed Americans, and Californian aut...