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Bio I am writing as a CEO of a highly specialized payment software engineering company. We are operating internationally with offices in Zurich and Sydney. Career History 2001 until now CEO and Founder of Abrantix AG, Switzerland



Apple Pay, the biggest reseller of Visa and MasterCard

25 Sep 2014

Everybody has been watching and waiting for the announcement that Apple will enter the payments market, and …… drum roll …. they’ve just announced Apple Pay! Cool name, but what is it and will it rock the payment industry? First the good news. With Apple, one of the biggest technology inventors has just entered the payment market. Along with the f...



MPOS needs a new business model

09 Sep 2014

I was very quiet the last two months and didn’t write any blogs. But that is probably a good thing, than that means that other things kept me busy. On the last couple of months we grew our company and hired lots of new people and opened a branch in Sydney. We also started an off-shoring facility. So, all good things. Summer is already over and I t...


Card present goes Ecommerce

21 Mar 2014

In the card acceptance business a big change is happening. More and more transactions that should be card present transactions are processed as ecommerce transactions, or better: card-not-present-transactions. Though, why is this and why does this not violate rules and regulations. I just give you a sample of an awesome experience I had recently. ...



Credit card reconciliation! The unknown Problem

11 Mar 2014

Not many credit card acquirers are aware of the fact that their customers might have a problem with the reconciliation of their transactions. Very few acquirers offer a decent solution that really helps the merchant to get control of his financial flows. A lot of acquirers actually do think they have a valuable solution and offer some transaction ...

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