Leon Gauhman

Leon Gauhman

Founder and CPO/CSO at Elsewhen
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Bio Leon Gauhman is a tech entrepreneur who advises global businesses on how to tackle new market realities, pinpoint business possibilities and surpass customer expectations. In 2011, together with two other engineers, he co-founded Elsewhen, a digital product consultancy which has a mission to deliver world class consumer-grade CX to enterprise businesses across the insurance, financial services, data, healthcare and banking sectors. Clients include Google, Microsoft, Bupa, Citibank, Pollen Street Capital, Mastercard and Go Compare. Leon also mentors start-ups and incubators like Seedcamp and Wayra on everything from innovation strategy, design and CX, to engineering and operations.


Embedded Finance

Smart Apple: Why Big Tech’s latest gambit on savings is a pivotal moment for embedded finance

01 Jun 2023

If the traditional banking industry was waiting for a sign that Big Tech’s threat looms larger than ever, Apple’s launch of a game-changing savings account via Goldman Sachs may be it. With 4.15% annual percentage yield, no fees and zero demand for a minimum deposit or balance, the new Apple Card savings account – which users can set up from th

Digital Bank Transformation

Three customer centric leadership lessons for pioneering financial services brands

07 Dec 2022

Outgoing Salesforce President and former BT CEO Gavin Patterson’s call to UK boards to “get digitally literate” underlines a growing concern about the gap in digital skills and leadership at the top of UK companies. The issue is particularly acute in financial services, with a recent study revealing that 81% of FS decision-makers believe their c...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Farewell Barclays, Chase, HSBC: Why banks in the future won't be brands

03 Feb 2022

By Leon Gauhman CSO/CPO of digital product consultancy Elsewhen and Alessandro Hatami, managing partner of Pacemakers. The world’s biggest banks came out of 2021 in robust shape. A slew of positive trading updates led to a rebound in share prices and the return of bonuses and dividends. Any damage done by Covid was reversed as the industry’s gia...


Is DeFi the silver bullet to help struggling SMEs secure easier access to finance?

14 Sep 2021

2021 has been a remarkable year for the entrepreneurs pioneering the growth of Decentralised Finance (DeFi). While traditional banks have exhibited the same kind of suspicion that they direct at cryptocurrency, DeFi-powered platforms like Maker, Compound and Aave have grown rapidly as investors pile onboard. DeFi is often cited as a means of ext