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Stanford Certified Project Manager at EFFI Consultants
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Bio I'm Cedric Pariente, a Stanford Certified Project Manager, working in IT & Market Finance. Career History Stanford Certified Project Manager, Financial Mathematics Engineer.


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Home Equity Loan and Home Equity Line Of Credit

12 Feb 2010

Definitions Your Home Equity is the difference between the market value of your house and all the mortgages you have on it. In proper English it means: The more you reimburse the loan on your house, the more your house belongs to you. And the more your house belongs to you, the more you can borrow in exchange of this “increase” of your personal as...

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How to Crack WiFi Network - Video Tutorial

30 Jan 2010

This is a video on how to hack a wireless network. As mentioned on Lifehacker where I found this video, this is a purely educational post. Be aware that wireless networks are not secure. Lifehacker post

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Credit Without a Purpose is Dangerous!

26 Jan 2010

Do you know the Real Definition of Credit ? Credit is a reserve of money granted to you, usually by a bank, that you will have to repay over a predefined period of time, but that you can use immediately. And you are paying an interest in exchange of this service. This money or what you buy with it is NOT YOURS until the loan is fully reimbursed. ...


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Social Suicide 2.0

05 Jan 2010

As a TODO in your 2010 new resolutions, you might want to take control over your internet public image. But the process of "unfriending" a lot of people and/or deleting accounts seems to be a big hurdle? The solution has just arrived They do the job for you! The remove EVERYTHING related to you over the socia...


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